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Musician in Albany, NY
Musician in Albany, NY Paul Rosenberg has been leading dances throughout the northeastern US since 1986. In recent years, he has been one of the busiest callers in North America, working over 200 dance engagements a year. He is known for his gentle but energetic, encouraging style, concise teaching, and offbeat sense of humor. The programs Paul gifts consist of community dances from the Hudson Valley, United Kingdom, Appalachia, and New England, as well as international folk dances and African-American singing and playparty games.

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538 Providence Street
Albany, NY
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Homespun Occasions
read moreThese videos are chock-full of virtual community-building activities that get everyone up and moving. By participating in folk dances and singing games, students experience a variety of styles and customs from different countries. Homespun Occasions Homespun Occasions' workshops encompass dances from more than 60 countries and regions around the world including the US, Latin America, Africa, Quebec, Scandinavia, Ireland, France, Turkey, China, Polynesia and Russia. Homespun Occasions Whether You're putting together a family celebration or a community event, Homespun Occasions can bring the delightful and distinctive sounds and sights of traditional dances to you and your guests of all ages.
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read moreFounded in 1986, Homespun Occasions offers a fun-filled alternative for any public and private event. Traditional contra, circle and square dances for community and private celebrations featuring live acoustic music presented by skilled, personable performers appropriate to the venue and audience creates a cheerful and natural atmosphere. When the dancing starts, the steps are easy enough for everyone to participate: the young and old, the nimble and not so nimble. Everyone has a great time! It's our goal to help people rediscover the time-honored tradition of community dancing, an activity that naturally fosters a sense of togetherness and goodwill, and which has been taking place throughout the world for thousands of years.
read moreYour upcoming wedding should be special and unique. It should be enjoyable not just for the individuals getting married, but for every guest. We bring cultural traditions hundreds of years old to your wedding, with dance leaders who will inspire your guests to get involved by getting up on their feet to celebrate your special day with you.
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