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We pride ourselves in delivering the most in-depth examinations, leading to accurate application of acupuncture and focused formulation of Chinese herbs to help you in building your total wellness regimen. We currently have operated more than twenty years and our practitioners have a combined total of over fifty years clinical experiences in both fields.

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read moreJannie (Jo-Mei) Chiang is the a co-founder of Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic, known as one of the oldest and best professional acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine clinics in Houston, Texas. She is a licensed Acupuncturist of Texas state. For more than 30 years serving acupuncture in Houston, our clinics are known as one of the most respected and most referred acupuncture and herb institutions in Houston. Besides the pain management and other general health practice, Jannie Chiang also is specialized in infertility and fertility for reproductive treatments as well as natural therapy for women's health adding another dimension of service to the community.
Acupuncture for the Treatment of
read moreI have been dealing with back pain almost all my life. I have scoliosis surgery 6 years ago and still lived in pain until I came to see Acupuncturist, Jannie Chiang. After First treatment it was like night and day, I'm a new person after each treatment. I can sleep through the night and for the first time in my life (of 41 years) I'm truly not dealing with pain. Thank you, Jannie, for giving me a new life. You're the Best! For more than 20 years of experience in treatment of pain, low back pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain, Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic welcomes all those who have either acute or chronic back pain to take acupuncture treatment as a natural and holistic way to eliminate the pain and restore the health.
Acupuncture for the Treatment of
read moreAt Houston Acupuncture and herb Clinic, our acupuncturist, Wen-Lung Wu and Jo-Mei Chiang, have extraordinary experience to treat stress and emotional disorders, such as anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, bipolar. With more than thirty years of experiences, we highly recommend acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine therapies to release the emotional stress and restore the body and mind naturally. Most of our patients, experienced significant results from the treatments, and many them are completely medicine free.
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