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Human Resources Manager in San Diego, CA HR is a balancing act. Delivering the work environment you want for your employees within the confines of what your firm is able and willing to supply. As a business person specializing in HR, I realize that every business has limitations on what it's capable of delivering its employees while still maintaining a growing business. I am not the kind of HR person who feels the employee comes before the business. It is essential that HR intertwines with your business so it runs seamlessly as a vital part of the business rather than as a separate entity.

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read moreHR Jungle was founded in 2006 by C.J. Westrick to provide human resources services to small companies. Eventually, we realized size wasn't the common factor of our clients. After more than 12 years in business, we are pleased to have a long list of clients in a variety of industries and look forward to helping even more. Basically, our goal is to provide management teams and business owners with workable solutions and hands-on assistance with your employees and legal compliance through outsourced human resources solutions.
How to Hire an Employee
read moreHiring your first employee can be an exciting and scary moment in the life of a business. Whether you have decided you need someone to assist you while you work or that you need an employee with talents different from your own, take this step into "employer-hood" carefully. Being aware of your legal obligations and some basic common sense can make the transition of your status from entrepreneur to employer much easier. This number is used a lot with IRS-related paperwork and for payroll purposes.
HR Consultant in San Diego
read moreThank you for your interest in receiving C.J. Westrick's weekly e-newsletter that covers a variety of HR-related topics! It's a quick read.
CA Employment Law Compliance
read moreCompliance is important in two main areas of your company. The paperwork side of HR is the simplest part of compliance because it is more black and white. The more complex part of compliance is observed in your day-to-day practices and behaviors toward employees. So, how do you know whether or not you're compliant? Ask us about our HR Assessment and we'll let you know where you might be out of compliance plus offer other suggestions that could reduce your risk.
HR Consulting in San Diego
read moreWhat is written on this website, in this website's blog, or in any other materials obtained through this website and written by C.J. Westrick are strictly her opinion based on her training, education, and years of human resources management and consulting experience. C.J. has attempted to provide accurate information, but the information is often written in a somewhat generic manner because she cannot know the specifics about your company or employees when writing about certain situations or scenarios.
Interviewing and Hiring Employees
read moreNo matter how many (or how few) people you have interviewed and hired, improvement of the techniques and results may be desired. Have you really thought through exactly what the job entails on a day-by-day basis? Have you determined precisely what skills and experience are necessary to fulfill that role? Time is money and there's no reason to waste either by reviewing the resumes more than once. Asking candidates the right questions will get you better results when hiring. Knowing what you need, how to find the person who can fulfill that need, and how to ensure that new employee's success is the key to your company's success.
Employee Performance Management
read moreWe often get questions about how to handle absenteeism, tardiness, poor job performance, and a multitude of other topics. Nearly everyone gets the same basic response: performance management. Performance management is typically where supervisors and HR people often spend the majority of their time. Don't confuse this with that annual performance review. That's merely a summary of everything you and the employee have done throughout the year. Helping employees learn what you want or expect from them takes communication.
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