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Gardening & Landscaping in Idaho Falls, ID We have been providing our tree services in Idaho for over 20 years. Servicing Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Swan Valley, Ammon, Pocatello, and beyond. Our services include tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, land clearing, brush cleanup, and more!
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Tree Removal
read moreWhenever a tree decides to come crashing down, it can be devastating to its surroundings. If your property happens to be a part of those surroundings, it becomes a real problem. The Idaho Falls Tree Service Experts are no strangers to these problems. We have the right equipment to take care of these issues, so don't be shy. Give us a call!
Tree Trimming
read moreTree trimming is important for the health of the tree as well as the safety of its surroundings. Idaho Falls Tree Service, we will trim your tree in such a way that will facilitate an upright and uniform style of growth. We have a system to trimming and pruning trees, so that we can fix the problem without the tree looking bare or unhealthy.
Stump Removal
read moreWhen a tree is properly disassembled and the debris is hauled away, all that is left is the stump, the sturdiest part of the tree that once anchored and supported the whole thing. Stump removal can be a very tedious task, depending on the size of it, but it is important that you get it out of your lawn. A stump will slowly decay over time, which can end up as an unsightly mess., as well as increase your chances of mold and insects to move in. The stump also supports the old roots of the tree, making it hard to successfully plant new trees or shrubs. The old roots can end up suffocating the newer roots and depriving them of nutrients. Having a stump in your lawn can also make it hard to navigate if you're cutting the grass, or have kids running around.
Shrub Trimming and
read more​What's better than sweating buckets under the hot sun as you dismantle and remove a bush? Almost anything really. Skip the hassle! Kick back and let us do the dirty work. We have it down to an art along with the right equipment and experience to make the process go much faster. Whether you want the bush out of your life, or you just want it trimmed up looking pretty, we got you covered.
Land Clearing
read more​We offer commercial and residential land clearing for construction projects or anything that requires a plot of land. With our arsenal of heavy equipment, we can get the job done as quick and efficient as the market offers. We will clear any amount of land to ensure your property/project is taken care of and running smoothly.


Jack Hawkins
read moreGreat and timely service! We set up a time for an estimate the day I called and he was able to come out to give a price the next day. They did the job the next week, and I'm very pleased with the work they did.
Jesse Robinson
May 25, 2021
Very Professional. The tree was in a very tough spot. Best estimate in town, covered all of their bases and completed the task within 48 hours of request!
Value for Money
Service & Support
Patrick Lawes
Jun 17, 2021
Great work!
Really great work. Amazing pricing, speed, and a job very well done! I definitely recommend them!
Value for Money
Service & Support
Value for Money
Service & Support
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