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Pharmacy in Fargo, ND In the pharmaceutical field, sterile does not simply mean clean. Sterile is an exacting standard, a strict list of environmental conditions set out by our industry's ruling body, the US Pharmacopeial Convention. Simply put, sterile is your assurance of safety and quality. These medications are compounded in our specially designed and constructed Clean Room. In this environment, InHealth Compounding Pharmacy's skilled pharmacists and pharmacy technicians prepare your medications according to Chapter 797, the regulatory standard for the compounding of sterile pharmaceutical.

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read moreWe at InHealth Specialty Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy located in Fargo, ND, know that medicating some animals, such as cats, can be a physical struggle. Difficult medication administration can traumatize the animal, cause inadequate dosing, and may even lead to bites and scratches on your hands and arms! Other animals, such as Dogs, Sugar Gliders, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Horses, Gerbils/Hamsters, Ferrets, Rats etc., each have their own set of challenges when it comes to giving medication as well.
Men's Health
read moreWe at InHealth Specialty Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy located in Fargo, ND, know that hormones play an important role in your overall health at every stage of life. Testosterone levels in men begin to decrease steadily around age 40. These symptoms can be distressing to men, but the good news is they may respond favorably to male hormone replacement therapy. In fact, many men could benefit from testosterone replacement therapy to combat common health issues. As more men are learning about the benefits of male hormone replacement, more and more hormonal supplements are turning up in the marketplace.
read moreInHealth Specialty Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy located in Fargo, ND, practices compounding, the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients. Modern technology and innovative techniques and research allow healthcare providers to work with pharmacists to create customized medications. Customized medications provide patients with the benefit of therapy tailored specifically to their needs. Our friendly compounding pharmacists can formulate prescriptions with the exact ingredients and strengths required for an individual patient.
Pain Management
read moreWe at InHealth Specialty Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy located in Fargo, ND, know that everyone deals with some form of pain from time to time. In fact, pain is the most common symptom people report when seeking medical attention. Often, pain is acute and short-lived, such as a headache caused by stress, or a muscle strain caused by a work or sports injury. Simple remedies like aspirin or a heating pad may suffice. Other times, acute pain devolves into chronic pain - the type of pain that returns when the treatment wears off.
Wound Care
read moreIt can be very frustrating when day after day your wound seems like it's not getting better, and is maybe even getting worse. Pressure sores or wounds caused by burns may continually see tissue disruption during irrigation, cleaning, and treatment. Prolonged healing also increases the likelihood a wound will become infected which further complicates things and increases the healing time. Commercially available medications to help with wound care are not always appropriate or the best option for patients.
read moreWe at InHealth Specialty Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy located in Fargo, ND, know that children can present several challenges when it comes to taking their medications. Some children may resist taking a liquid medicine due its taste and others may have difficulty swallowing pills. Also, many medications aren't labeled for children. If a medication isn't approved for use in infants and children, it typically isn't available in a suitable pediatric dosage form. We know that every child is unique and interesting.
read moreWe at InHealth Specialty Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy located in Fargo, ND, we know how frustrating common dental and oral problems can be. In addition, the conditions inside of the mouth present a unique challenge for medication treatment. Keeping medication in contact with affected areas can be especially problematic due to the constant production of saliva. We really enjoy working with dentists and patients to help troubleshoot a variety of different oral conditions. Our pharmacy team will frequently do research for our dental colleagues in our efforts to provide multiple medication options.
read moreOften times, these podiatry issues pop up seemingly overnight, and a trip to the podiatrist may be required to learn more about the cause and what may be the solution. Commercially available podiatry medications are not always appropriate for all patients. Some patients have sensitivities to inactive ingredients, or perhaps the product your doctor wants to prescribe is not currently available due to a manufacturing shortage. Sometimes a podiatrist will want a patient to use a strength that is higher or lower than what is currently available on the market.
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