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Hello-Bienvenido's, my name is Dr. Alex Jimenez, I am Chiropractic Doctor specializing in advanced therapies focused on total joint health, strength training and complete fitness conditioning. We focus on functional rehabilitation for a wide variety of injuries.

Injury Medical & Chiropractic Clinic is also a progressive joint-focused and specialist-integrated clinic focused on advanced techniques. We have a holistic interdisciplinary approach focusing on the concept of 'Motion = life'. We work with our patients to find the correct interdisciplinary treatment approach.

We treat many different injuries:
★ Soft tissue injuries;
★ Trauma-related injuries;
★ Work and Auto accidents.
★ Sports injuries
★ Domestic Violence Injuries*
★ Injuries to Crime Victims*

Functional Fitness & Rehabilitation:
We also use patient Focused Diet Plans, Advanced Chiropractic Techniques, Agility Training, Cross-Fit and the PUSH System to treat patients suffering from various injuries and health problems. Our goal too is to help your body heal itself naturally. When your body is truly healthy, you will arrive at your fitness level and proper weight efforlessly. We want to help educate you on how to live a new and improved lifestyle.

We have been blessed to perfect our methods with thousand of El Pasoans over the last 26 years. This has allowed us to create fitness and better functional bodies through the researched methods and total programs offered. These programs are natural, and use the bodys own ability to achieve goals of improvement, rather than introducing harmful chemicals, controversial hormone replacement, surgery, or addictive drugs. We want you to live a life that is fulfilled with more energy, positive attitude, better sleep, less pain, proper body weight and educated on how to maintain this way of life.

Victim Treatment Programs*
The newly instituted Crime Victims Program set in place by the attorney general now is facilitating help to those in need. Along with being a premier treatment and rehabilitation center in El Paso treating victims of car accidents and work related injuries. As a subset, we also preform progressive treatments and rehabilitation on a very special subset of injured victims. Those injured by causes stemming from domestic violence and victims of injuries and or accidents caused by Driving While Intoxicated. We are here to help in a very discrete and private manner.

In close, as an extension to dynamic rehabilitation, we also offer our patients and athletes a diverse portfolio of strength equipment, high performance exercises and advanced agility options. We are very proud to have teamed up with the citys premier therapist and trainers in order to provide high level competitive athletes the option to push themselves to their highest abilities within our facility.

Remember, you are in control of your life. Take control, learn how improve your health for yourself and your loved ones.

A Special Note To You:
If you have read this far, I thank you and have a special and respectful message
God loves motion. God has created a fantastic design in all of us. His love of joints and articulations is obvious. Simply put, as an observer, our creator would have not given us so many joints with so many functions without there being a great purpose. So again, I repeat, God loves motion. Therefore, it is not just a choice to take care of them, it is our obligation. It too is my endless mission to help with Gods work. I will help everybody I meet to move better and free themselves of joint limitations preventing the full expression of life as they wish.

With a bit of work, we can achieve optimal health together. I look forward in doing my absolute best and helping those in need. I look forward in helping you and or your loved ones. It is what my mentors and teachers taught me, it is what I teach and it is what I practice with my greatest passion.

God Bless

Dr. Alex Jimenez
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  • Serving residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Licensed, insured and bonded
  • Year established: 1991
  • Number of employees: 10
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  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Disc Herniation
  • Treatment
  • Laser Therapy
  • Neurology Care
  • Traction Therapy
  • Treatment for Injuries
  • Chiropractors
  • Decompression Therapy
  • Emergency Chiropractic Care
  • Flexion-Distraction Therapy
  • Holistic Chiropractic Care
  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • Massage Therapy
  • Mobile Chiropractic Care
  • Orthogonal Chiropractic
  • Pain Management
  • Pediatric Chiropractic
  • Physical Therapy,
  • Auto Accidents,
  • Personal Injury,
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Functional Medicine
  • Spinal Hygiene
Professional Associations & Certifications
  • Spinal Trauma Specialization
  • Internal Federation of Spinal Care
  • American Chiropractic Society
  • International Chiropractic Association
  • Texas Chiropractic Association
  • Better Business Bureau
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6440 Gateway East Building B
El Paso, TX
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Accident & Injuries
read moreDr. Jimenez discusses injuries and associated symptoms caused by the trauma from accidents. Being involved in a motor vehicle accident may lead to injuries but also can become a tangled web full of confusion and frustrations. Therefore, it is very important to have a qualified provider specializing in these matter completely assess the circumstances surrounding any injury from an accident.
Sport Injuries
read moreInjuries occur when participating in sports or physical activities associated with a specific sport, most often as a result of an accident. Sprains and strains, knee injuries, Achilles tendonitis and fractures are several examples of frequent types. According to Dr. Alex Jimenez, excessive training or improper gear, among other factors, are common causes. Through a collection of articles, Dr. Jimenez summarizes the various causes and effects of sports injuries on the athlete.
Sciatica Treatments
read moreDr. Alex Jimenez discussing sciatica, a common and frequently reported series of symptoms affecting a majority of the population. The pain can vary widely. Itoccurs when there is pressure or damage to the sciatic nerve, a nerve found in the lower back which runs down the back of each legas itcontrols the muscles of the back of the knee and lower leg. It also provides sensation to the back of the thigh, part of the lower leg, and the sole of the foot. Dr. Jimenez explains how its symptoms can be relieved through the use of chiropractic treatment.
Mobility & Flexibility Focused Treatments
read moreThe human body retains an individual, natural level of movementto ensure all of its structures are functioning properly. The bodyrequires that bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other tissues work together to allow range of movement and maintaining proper fitness and a balanced nutrition can help keep the body functioning properly. According to Dr. Alex Jimenezs compilation of articles pertaining to mobility and flexibility, individuals who dont stretch their body often can experience shortened or stiffened muscles which decreases their ability to move effectively.
Chiropractic Wellness Treatment
read moreMy name is Dr. Alexander D. Jimenez, an advanced specialty in chiropractor treating moderate to severe joint and spinal disabilities. Primarily Specialty Practice Directives: Sciatica, Neck-Back Pain, Whiplash, Headaches, Knee Injuries, Sport Injuries, Dizziness, Poor Sleep, Arthritis. We use advanced proven therapies focused on optimal mobility, health, fitness, and structural conditioning. We also use patient focused Diet Plans, Specialized Chiropractic Techniques, Mobility-Agility Training, and Therapeutic Cross-Fit Protocols. We are the premier facility focused on the PUSH-as-Rx Functional Fitness System to treat patients suffering from various injuries and health problems. No matter the age, limitation, or functional impairment, there is a place, level, protocol and safe procedure for our patients.


Brittany Rivera Payan
read moreAnyone who has ever had any type of back pain knows how it effects every aspect of your life. I've been to other chiropractors, and had positive experiences, but nothing compared to my experience with Dr. J. From the moment I walked in, the staff was super welcoming and incredibly understanding. I felt genuine concern for my well being from the moment his therapist began, (she's also phenomenal, I felt better immediately after she started working on me!), until I walked out the door. I can honestly say I've never felt more confident in a health care provider. He asked numerous questions, and had actual solutions. He was incredibly informative and took the time to really explain everything he felt I needed and why. I feel like I'm finally going to get the long term relief and results I've been looking for. I will definitely be a lifelong patient, and will send everyone I know, to him!!!
Veronica Rojero
read moreDr. Jimenez truly cares about each individual who walks through his door. As an athlete, taking care of your body is a must, no matter what sport you play. Coming off an injury to my throwing shoulder, Dr. J Staff got me back to complete health and I came back even stronger than I was before. Thanks to Doctor Jimenez, I was able to perform without having be concerned if my injury would re-occur. Trust the process, and trust the team he has in place to provide you the best experience anyone could ask for.
Sandra Rubio
read moreAt first I hesitated to receive treatment by Dr Jimenez because I had been treating with other drs, had received therapy and had been on several medications. After suffering for a few years with 2 herniated and 1 bulging disc I had mentally prepared myself I live in pain the rest of my life. I received my first adjustment by Dr. Alexander Jimenez 3 years ago and would not think of going elsewhere. I have been pain free and have not had a migraine in 3 years, I cannot thank you enough.... Not only for the excellent and caring service but for also for the knowledge you always share with your patients.
Carlos Paniagua
read moreI have been seeing Dr. Jimenez and his staff for approximately 5 months. My experience with Dr. J and his Amazing Staff has been 2nd to none. Dr. J's staff is caring, attentive and professional. The staff works diligently to assure that your safety and comfort lead your experience to getting and feeling better. Dr. J is knowledgeable and genuinely interested in your recovery. He takes the time with every patent to make a personal connection as the care he provides is something personal. Dr. J explains what is going on in detail, not in physician jargon where you feel lost but in a friendly manner so that you see where are advancing. Dr. J and his staff provide a service that caters to the needs of your condition, they meet you where you are at and are eager to guide you to knowing our body and what getting well is all about. I would recommend Dr. J and his staff,without any reservations; to anyone that is looking to relieve pain, perform greater, or just feel right again.
Gustavo Dorsett (Cornel Univesity)
El Paso
read moreBeing a college athlete I have gone to many rehab centers and Dr. Jimenez is by far the most helpful and caring doctor I have worked with. I went to him asking for a lot as I had previously come back from a major ankle surgery, he made me very confident that I will be able to run, jump and cut like a college athlete again. The most impressive thing about Dr. Jimenez is that he cares about more than just your injury. Dr. Jimenez makes sure his patients leave his office with a sound functioning body that will benefit his patients for years after they are finished working with him.
Angel Perez
read moreI will make it short....only because there is no room here to write all of it down. I had run out of hope. I was literally in despair. I thought God had forgotten about me. Dr's have all given up trying to figure me out!....all the could offer was shots of cortisone! Yet still not find out why. They knew why but had no solution to my aliment. March 7th 2016...I made the call, finally someone believed me. Dr. Jimenez said with conviction.."I'm going to fix you" life as I knew it had changed. His staff are all diligent to their task. I'm not pain free yet...75% is way better than the 6% I was at! I am headed in the right direction. Dr. Jimenez....You and your staff...are Golden!
Elizabeth Licerio
Oct 26, 2016
Thank you Dr. Jimenez!
It has been the greatest experience coming to Dr. Jimenez! He is so attentive to each patient's need. He is also very hospitable along with his staff.
Little to no wait time, awesome staff!
Business response: Elizabeth, thank you so very much for the time you took to write this. Mean so much to all of us. Thank you from all of us...
Value for Money
Service & Support
Jack Penski
Jan 16, 2017
Great Chiropractor, Forward Thinking Clinic
This is an amazing office. Way advanced when it come down to motion dynamics. This doctor does not play with motion. He takes motion to a new level. Focused on mobility, agility and dynamic motion is his strength. I could not move my back. He gave me the confidence that he was going to fix me. The staff was kind to me in my desperation. I am way better now. I am even stronger then before. Love the staff, doctor and new wave of thinking. Thanks guys.
Mobility, Flexibility and Agility focused
Wish there were more locations in el paso
Value for Money — My Insurance Covered 100%
Service & Support — Very kind and understanding
Quality — These cats are sharp
Location — I live in Horizon But worth the trip
Jorge Villegas Esq
El Paso
Feb 15, 2017
This Chiropractor is the Best I have Seen
Dr. Jimenez and Staff really have it all. They run a very progressive clinic focused on championing mobility, agility and flexibility. They have treated me and my family with great professionalism that has us all very impressed. As an attorney I too have a high level of responsibility for my clients as well. I feel very confident that just as he has taken care of my family, so too do they take care of my clients as well. My greatest recommendation for this group of great clinical healers.
They are what we needed here in our growing el paso.
Need more locations .
Value for Money — Yes
Service & Support — Yes
Quality — Outstanding
Location — Central East.
Lupe Borjon
El Paso
Oct 24, 2017
Great Service and Great Chiropractic
I have been seen Dr. Jimenez a few times in the last month and it has been amazing. Every time I see him I feel more relax and my body is not in so much pain. My legs feel a lot more stable. I would very much recommend him.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Vince Garcia
El Paso
Feb 01, 2018
Excellent Chiropractor
Hello, my name is Vince Garcia. I have been participating at sports since I was 8 years old. Iím 22 now and I have been going to see Dr. Jimenez since I was 16. Ive been to a lot of doctors and chiropractors over the years and I believe Dr. Jimenez is the man to go to if you want to get your body right, athlete or not. I used to wrestle and play football in high school, 2 high cantact sports and he always kept me healthy. Now Iím participating in MMA and he is still the first guy I go see to get my. Itís right.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Doris Emmer
El Paso
Mar 09, 2018
Recommend to all
Dr. Jimenez and staff value the work provided to guarantee the best recovery possible to each individual patient.
Value for Money
Service & Support


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read moreI hope you have enjoyed our blog posts on various health, nutritional and injury related topics. Please don't hesitate in calling us or myself if you have questions when the need to seek care arises. Call the office or myself. Headache pain usually occurs in the forehead or temples, usually one side, accompanied by nausea and a desire to be in a dark room. Migraines can last for hours, to a day or more, often with pain-free intervals. These headaches are sometimes accompanied with visual and non-visual affliction known as an aura.
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Value for Money
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