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Computer Services in Oceanside, CA Integrity TechnicaliTi) is a complete service supplier of solutions for computer technology issues. Our team is comprised of experts with many years of knowledge in their relative fields. And the advantage that iTi has over many other technology providers is that we can supply One-Stop solutions. Why work with multiple vendors when one supplier is available iTi was originally establised as ITS (Integrity Technical Services) by our CEO, Marco Nanci, in 1995. Since then, ITS has become iTi, has brought on additional staffing, and has merged with Game-Medic, for delivering a complete array of technical services.

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Integrity Technical
read moreWe believe in using the power of synergy towards providing the best and most reliable service possible. As one of Canada's leading independent full service IT service providers, we offer comprehensive IT services, from computer and network maintenance and support, to setting up wireless offices and designing & development of websites.
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read moreIntegrityteks Inc was founded in 2001 by David and Leila Goncalves as DLG Systems Consulting to serve a growing need for independent systems consultants. In 2013, they rebranded as IntegrityTeks Inc as part of their deliberate strategy targeted to emphasize the strength of their investment and ongoing commitment to delivering IT service with Integrity and ethics to the Ontario and Canadian market while using the power of synergy towards providing the best and most reliable service available. The rebranding of the GTA office enables IntegrityTeks Inc to fortify and strengthen their local and national services, accomplish local growth objectives and aggressively foster and develop new client relationships throughout the region.
read moreFor over 15 years, we have been building desktop PC systems to our customer's specifications with top quality components. We can also provide quality high performance laptops to meet your needs and budget. We have developed a partnership with several suppliers in order to provide you with a wide range of hardware options to meet your needs, whether it's a system for home or business use. We provide a full range of network hardware including cables, hubs, switches and routers from reputable manufacturers such as Linksys, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Siemens, D-Link, etc.
read moreSo you have first-rate personnel but they need extra training to meet existing business requirements. This basic computer training may be precisely what you require. We haven't seen any worker yet who wasn't endeavoring to become more constructive, make their next performance more efficient, create a more useful website, or trace their clients more effectively. We can show your employees how to oversee, administer and maneuver data or even enhance skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or additional programs.
read moreOur information security services provide information security management services to businesses. Our approach allows us to determine the business risk posed to information assets and helps build and maintain sustainable security solutions. Satisfying computer audit requirements.
read moreWith multiple data storage options available, from external hard drives to off-site data backup, we can help you find the right combination of hardware and software to ensure the safety and security of your data. If you need your data and software transferred to a new computer, we can ensure that ALL your data is transferred properly and software is re-installed. We will migrate your files including: Documents, Desktop, Favorites, E-mail Address Book, Emails Sent & Received, Music, etc. We can recommend and implement a data backup solution to ensure that your vital data is backed up properly.
read moreYour firewall system needs to be professionally setup in order to ensure protection. The slightest differences can make or break a firewall system. We at IntegrityTeks have skilled technicians to setup and maintain your firewall. Monitoring and managing your firewall is crucial to safeguarding your organization's security. But as today's threats grow more sophisticated, and the skills needed to address them become increasingly scarce, successful firewall management can quickly become complex and costly for your organization.
read moreWe offer networking services for home and business. Whether you need a simple network for your home to share printers and Internet access or a robust, fault-tolerant and secure setup for your business, we can help. Making sure no one can access your data or use your shared Internet service without your knowledge or consent is your own responsibility. If someone uses your Internet services to perform illegal activities you may be held accountable.
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