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Translation Services in Denver, CO Interlingua was established with one mission: to bridge the communication gap between service suppliers and customers. We accomplish this goal by using highly qualified team, which supplies customized services with individual attention. We're pleased to be a growing Colorado organization which is actively involved in the community. Our interpreters, translators and teachers keep in touch and share tips and information with us and others through our Forum. Feel free to post suggestions and links to resources!

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719 West Eighth Avenue
Denver, CO
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read moreOur world is getting smaller every day. As more and more public and private sector organizations find themselves in need of qualified, knowledgeable linguists to enable effective communication with all members of society, they are turning to Interlingua Services because they know that "We Speak World." Interlingua Services requires all our linguists to undergo an extensive skills and credentials review process before joining our team. We start with an evaluation of their relevant education, experience and certifications.
About Us
read moreFor almost 20 years, Interlingua Services was a division of Dream Management, Inc. (DMI). Today, we continue to provide full-service language translation and interpretation services from our headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Interlingua Services, LLC is solely dedicated to addressing the needs of our clients in the language industry. If you need help with a foreign language or American Sign Language, Interlingua Services offers solutions. Our clients include government agencies that interact with members of the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) community.
read moreWhether you are a private business owner who wants to reach a larger, global audience or a government agency tasked with meeting compliance mandates, Interlingua Services can help. Our team of talented interpreters can convert your oral communications into a target language to reach your desired audience. We provide both consecutive interpretation (in which the interpreter waits for the speaker to pause before converting the original message into the target language) and simultaneous interpretation (in which the interpreter converts the original message into the target language as the speaker is speaking, with just a slight delay).
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