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Mental Health Services in Jersey City, NJ
Mental Health Services in Jersey City, NJ At IPG, we view our clients as our peers and collaborators. We've
all hadour share of life problems, and we've all needed to ask someone
else for help at times. So we know how much courage it takes to own
your own issues and ask for assistance from a stranger.IPG therapists
approach their clients as "skilled equals". Our trademarks are
openness, compassion and acceptance of all lifestyles, backgrounds, and

But therapy isn't just aboutfeeling connectedto your counselor -
specific techniques andskills are important too. So we are trained,
for example,in Imago and Gottman Couples Counseling, Cognitive
BehavioralTherapy,Interpersonal Therapy,and Mindfulness Meditation techniques, EMDR
andHypnotherapy.We have a
Certified School Psychologist on staff while othershave Certifications
inAlcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling or in Divorce Mediation and
Parenting Coordination. We take pride in being cutting-edge in our
professional expertise.

Therapy involves a unique relationship. In a very real sense, we walk with you as fellow humanson your journey, and your pains and joys become ours. That's
why many of our clients stay in contact with us and continue to refer
their friends and families to us long after they've left our doors.

Our psychotherapy and wellness practice has offices conveniently located in New Jersey and New York City.
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  • Licensed
  • Year established: 1983
  • Number of employees: 30
Highlights & Specialties
  • Expert mental health counseling
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Addictive behaviors
  • Mood disorders
  • Family Counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Teen & adolescents
  • Stress & anxiety
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235 9th Street
Jersey City, NJ
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About Us
read moreD. In 2004 I lost my daughter Jesse four days before her tenth birthday. For reasons of sheer survival, I went back into counseling right after Jesse died, after a hiatus of a number of years, with New York -based therapist Bruce Wood. Among his many skills, Bruce has a great deal of experience with post-traumatic stress, which I guarantee you ensues upon the loss of a child. My own process of stumbling back to semi-normalcy (one forever has a piece of themselves missing after a loss like this) has helped my practice and informed my beliefs about psychological theory in ways I'm just beginning to understand.
Mental Health
read moreThe Institute for Personal Growth, PC provides consulting and educational services to companies on a variety of mental health concerns, EAP issues and organizational management. Most company leaders are aware that employees' relationships, management actions, personal challenges and many other facets of life and work affect personal well-being and, in turn, work productivity, performance and effectiveness. While it is admirable that employers are aware of - and care about - their employees' stress and the potential dangers, few organizations know how to help their own employees.
Anxiety Treatment NJ & NYC
read moreNext to depression, anxiety is the most common type of mental disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are all common forms of anxiety, each exhibiting its own symptoms, sometimes life-affecting and debilitating. No matter what form your anxiety takes, treatments include several elements. Therapy for anxiety can be very brief if the fears are very specific, or last longer if the problem is more pervasive. It's important to get therapy as soon as possible.
Anger Management
read moreIf you are a "rageaholic", you may be unable to control or even to recognize your angry feelings; it may take little to trigger your anger, and each anger outburst probably appears justified to you. Your anger may subside as quickly as it appears, and you can be left feeling baffled as to why others seem so upset with you. However, if you have an anger problem you can harm your family, your relationships, your career and your health - anger is directly correlated with Coronary Heart Disease. Road-rage, verbal attacks on co-workers or loved ones, even domestic violence are some common examples of anger management problems.
Stress Therapy & Counseling NJ
read moreStress is the body's physiological reaction to environmental stressors. This reaction, termed the "fight or flight" response, is an ancient survival technique for humans. We all know stress and we all know that stress can have both short and long-term dangers. Stress needs to be dealt with, and a therapist can help you manage it. Unfortunately, in modern life, the stress response has become counterproductive. When we experience the "fight or flight" response while sitting in traffic, thinking about our bills or dealing with any of the many pressures of modern life, we can easily trigger the stress response many times a day with no useful outcome.
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