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Telecommunication Company in Rochester, MN Jaguar Communications was established on the concept that all clients in all towns should have approach to the same services that are available in bigger towns and cities. With this simple concept in mind, we started searching for innovative ways to implement these services in smaller towns. We currently have found the tools to turn this concept into reality and aim to make a better telecommunications product for all. Are we succeeding - Look at our record - from a single office in Owatonna to multiple offices throughout southern MN.

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4204 Hwy 52 N
Rochester, MN
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read moreAs your home becomes more connected and your wireless needs increase, reliable WiFi in your ENTIRE home has become more important in your daily life. Jaguar GigaCenter is a whole-home solution that uses a mesh system with multiple access points to deliver seamless wireless coverage to your entire home. From your living room to your kitchen, to your bedroom and your backyard, Jaguar GigaCenter eliminates the dead spots that a traditional single router option can't reach. You work from home, you learn at home, and you play at home.
Business Internet Services
read moreUsing state-of-the-art fiber technology, our service delivers symmetrical speeds with the same guaranteed performance both uploading and downloading. Cable and DSL speeds are not guaranteed and do not have the same upload and download speeds. When speed and reliability matter, and you need to do business at the speed of light, Jaguar business internet is the only choice. Every day we're connecting counties, cities, hospitals, co-ops, school districts, colleges, and businesses of every size, both large and small.
Fiber Optic Services
read moreAs your home and business technology needs continue to evolve, fiber is the future-proof solution for delivering high bandwidth that can keep up with your growing needs. From video streaming to cloud computing and voice, only fiber can deliver the immense bandwidth that these applications of the future require, and now it can be yours. Jaguar Communications is proud to bring Fiber Optic Services to your community. Fiber has become the leading technology for the next generation of communications networks worldwide.
read moreRural customers have had to settle for far too long. Today, Jaguar WiFibe provides an option to rural communities that otherwise would not be able to get reliable, fast internet connection. Fiber optic cable is run directly to local towers that are then able to provide a wireless signal, allowing rural customers to experience and enjoy bandwidth speeds and reliability that is comparable to our city customers.
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