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Home Improvement Company in Nashua, NH We're roofing contractors in the Boston area providing roof repair in Boston, roofing for the North Shore, Gutter cleaning & repair in the Boston, MA area and for the rest of New England. JnR Gutters was established in 1986, has become New Englands' leading home improvement specialists. Setting industry standards with the highest standards of work integrity, quality materials, and client service, JnR has the aptitude to complete any commercial or domestic project requirements. Its our dedication to our clients that drives our operations.

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38 Lancaster St, Haverhill
Nashua, NH
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Douglas Macomber
Nov 02, 2021
John is a great guy!!
Been in business over 35+ years
Reliable and quality products used to make your home or business look awesome!!!
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Adam Roy
Jul 05, 2021
Worse company
I have never used a worse company for anything in my life. If you want to do gutters once, don't come here. Every corner leaked on these "seamless" gutters. Every one is pitched incorrectly where it doesn't drain and just spills over the top, flooding my basement. I had rotted cedar gutters before these and never had any flooding. That should tell you something. I called them back asking for them to repair their mistakes and John Raymond came by to take a look. He said, "Who installed these? I should fire them!" And proceeded to never come back to fix it. I patiently waited for months for a call back and nothing. And now they just ignore. I was always taught to fix my mistakes ESPECIALLY when someone paid me to do the job. Poor business. Never use them if you value your hard earned money.
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About Us
read moreJnR Gutters, Inc. has become New England's leading home improvement company that customers trust and rely on. With over 20 years of experience and thousands of successful construction projects, JnR is proud to offer roof repair services throughout New England. At JnR, we set the bar high and deliver quality home improvement services to our customers throughout New England. Our highly skilled carpenters and craftsmen use brand name products for each commercial or residential project we work on.
Vinyl Siding Installation & Replacement
read moreWhether you're installing new siding onto your home or replacing old siding, JnR Gutters, Inc. is the company to count on for a beautifully completed siding project. JnR Gutters has more than 10 years' experience installing vinyl siding for our residential and commercial customers. JnR Gutters, Inc. are experts in siding design and installation. Our award winning projects are just one of our commitments to craftsmanship and customer service excellence. JnR Gutters uses the best quality supplies and our staff has been certified and trained by the manufacturers ensuring proper usage and extraordinary siding design.
Shingle Roof Installation & Replacement
read moreOften times, if a roof is in need of replacing, it is currently or potentially facing an emergency situation. This threatens one of your most valuable assets, your home and all the belongings in it. Whether you are dealing with a leaky or aging roof, roof aesthetics or preventing ice damming, it is important to have roofing experts implement a solid roof. We provide two types of roofing shingles: slotted and architect. With our experienced staff you can be assured that you will have a roof that is evenly covered and aesthetically pleasing.
Commercial Roofing Services in
read moreWhether it's a residential or commercial property, your roof is one of the most vital parts of the structure. To ensure that your commercial building not only looks great, but functions properly, use a roofing company that is experienced in commercial roof maintenance and repair. JnR Gutters, Inc. consists of a team of certified roofing professionals with years of experience. From roof repairs to installations, we provide various types of roofing services for our commercial clients. We understand that with commercial properties, there are specific requirements that are needed for roofing services.
Commercial Window Services in Haverhill
read moreAt JnR Gutters, Inc., our expert contractors offer their window installation and replacement services for commercial properties in Bostonand surrounding areas. With over 30 years of experience, we take great pride in ensuring our services meet the standards of the window industry. At JnR Gutters, Inc., we understand that a business' first impression begins with the property appearance. Our team has the window knowledge to complete your commercial project from the initial phone call to budgeting and finishing the job in a timely manner.
Deck Installation & Custom Design
read moreFamily time is increasingly important. The perfect place to spend time enjoying the outdoors is with family and friends on your custom designed deck built by JnR Gutters, Inc. A beautifully designed and built deck will not only provide the space for family and friends to spend time together, but will also increase the value of one of your most valuable assets, your home. Have JnR Gutters build you and your family a deck that supports your lifestyle. A place where children can safely play in a protected environment.
Gutter Installation
read moreWhether you are installing new gutters onto your home or replacing old ones, there are a variety of reasons to protect your home with a seamless gutter system. JnR Gutters, Inc. specializes in home improvement solutions that make your life easier and increase the value of your home. Here are just a few benefits that you'll gain from seamless gutter installation from JnR. Protect your home from water and basement issues by preventing water from sitting against your foundation, preventing erosion.
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