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Law Firm in Lawton, OK Zelbst, Holmes & Butler is a nationally recognized litigation company which for over 25 years has been dedicated to protecting the rights of the injured. Zelbst, Holmes & Butler has gained a reputation throughout the US as tough winning trial lawyers. The top trial lawyers in America regularly retain them when they have tough trial matters that they require assistance. John Zelbst has been referred to as a gun slinger from the old W fighting in an alley that time has all but forgotten. Today's court rooms are sterile and dead. More like mausoleums and morgues.

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John Zelbst Law Office
read moreThere are few other times in your life when the choices you make will have as much impact as when you have suffered a serious injury. The quality of your recovery could easily be dictated by the quality of the attorneys you work with. The cost of medical care for serious injuries is very high. Your ability to secure the highest-quality medical care may depend on the compensation you are able to secure from the party responsible for your injuries. Building an effective case that is able to help an injured person obtain the full compensation he or she is entitled to takes skill, experience, dedication and talent.
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read moreChoosing the right attorney to work with after an accident has left you injured is always a difficult choice. Many people have never needed an attorney before. How does one make that choice, especially while dealing with the aftermath of an accident? At Zelbst, Holmes & Butler, we offer our clients a number of advantages that make our firm the clear choice when someone has been seriously injured. We have been serving the needs of the injured since 1980 and our attorneys bring together more than 70 years of combined experience.
Oklahoma Medical Malpractice Attorneys
read moreWe place a great deal of faith in the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who provide the care we need. When they fail to provide care that meets the accepted standards for care and people are injured, they need to be held accountable for medical malpractice. At Zelbst, Holmes & Butler, we have the necessary experience to help you create accountability for the injuries you or a loved one suffered as the result of receiving substandard medical care. Being able to present a strong medical malpractice case requires experience in acquiring and analyzing medical records.
Personal Injury Attorney
read moreThe reality of suffering a serious injury is that you may have years of challenges ahead of you. What you do following your accident can help you get back on your feet, or it can exacerbate the challenges you will be facing. Our attorneys offer highly effective representation that can help people through the difficult times they are facing. We also assist those who have lost loved ones in fatal incidents as well as those who have had their legitimate claims denied, minimized or delayed when their insurance companies act in bad faith.
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