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Doors & Windows Company in Carson, CA Delivering much more than just nice looks and cool comfort, professional automotive window films from Johnson Window Films will provide benefits beyond your expectations (7 Reasons Why - Auto) From reducing fuel consumption to a safer, anti-glare view, you'll enjoy the improved driving experience. At Johnson, our passion is window film. When you choose one of our films for your vehicle, you're teaming up with thirty five years of manufacturing knowledge and dedication.

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read moreAn industry leader for over 35 years, Johnson Window Films has always stood out from the crowd. We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing outstanding window film products throughout the world. All of our window film products are manufactured in Southern California by Johnson Laminating and Coating, Inc.-an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. Our ever-growing family of window film professionals share the common goals of personal success and making the world a cooler, more comfortable and safer place.
Benefits of Window Film
read moreWhether it's your home, office or car window film provides a wide variety of benefits to your health, personal safety, privacy and energy conservation. An advantage to choosing a Johnson Window Films solar control product is that we are not a big box store, we are a family owned manufacturer and distributor located in Carson, CA. Johnson Laminating and Coating, the manufacturer of our product has been in the window film business since 1975 and while larger companies have attempted to absorb them into their monopolies, they have steadfastly refused to be acquired.
read moreTrident Protective films are highly effective anywhere glass breakage poses a threat - homes, commercial buildings, retail stores, government buildings and even cars. These thick films are designed to provide a "safety net" from dangerous broken glass and flying shards by bonding to the glass and holding it in place if it breaks. Trident films are available in a variety of thickness constructions depending on the level of protection needed. Choose between undetectable clear films or several shaded solar control options if added sun protection is desired.
read moreJohnson Window Films has an automotive window film to fit all your needs. All of our products reject 99% of UV Rays, the major cause of skin cancer. Our products carry the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval as an effective UV protectant. Incorporating the latest Nano-ceramic technology to give you superior heat reduction, high clarity and good lucks. Signal safe, InsulatIR is available in popular VLT's ranging from clear to dark shades, ideal for owners looking to invest in the best. This hybrid high performance auto film combines metallized and dyed films for optimum heat and glared reduction.
Skin Cancer
read moreUltraviolet (UV) rays can find you no matter where you think you can hide. Whether it's bouncing off the ground or off water, it'll make its way to you, even if you're inside your car, home or business. UV rays can find a way of attacking you by penetrating through untreated glass, regardless if it's summer or winter. Fortunately, Johnson Window Films is here to save the day! Our automotive, residential and commercial films block 99% or more harmful UV rays, providing sun protection when applied to your windows.
Safe & Secure
read moreJohnson's Trident safety and security films are durable and built to protect you. Made with acrylic bonding technologies, these films ensure long-term anchorage, which means that broken glass will stay attached to the film. Properly installed Trident films effectively protect against the hazards of broken glass. Tempered glass is expensive and will break into small pebble sized beads, which can become dangerous projectiles damaging eyes and piercing skin leading to common types of glass related accidents.
Driven to Perfection
read moreProfessionally installed Johnson Window Films can help make your time on the road more enjoyable. The solar properties built into our films can greatly decrease the amount of solar energy that passes through the windows into a vehicle, providing a barrier against the sun's rays, reducing heat while increasing comfort for the driver and passengers alike. This reduction in heat will reduce the need for increased air conditioning; less A/C used means better fuel efficiency. UV rays from the sun can cause serious damage to skin and eyes as well as affect how rapidly fading will occur on interior dashboards, upholstered seats, floor mats, leather interiors, plastic vehicle parts, and even stereo equipment.
UV Protection
read moreUV (ultraviolet) radiation is light with wavelengths shorter than those visible to the human eye. UV light rays are energy that's moving rapidly. Humans are not really designed to be exposed to large amounts of UV radiation. Scientists divide UV radiation into three categories by wavelengths: UVA (315 - 400 nm), UVB (290 - 315 nm) and UVC (220-290 nm). UVA radiation is the largest component to reach the earth's surface. Its wavelengths are longer than UVB and can penetrate deeper into the layers of our skin.
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