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Law Firm in Downey, CA Personal injuries can be sometimes overlooked or considered not as important as damage to a vehicle, but we at JT Legal Group want to change this mindset. We believe that people are the most valuable asset there is, and incidents causing injury should be met with earnest care and legal attention.
We strive to provide the best legal services for personal injuries, including auto and transportation accidents (that includes Uber too), bicycle and motorcycle, semi-truck, FedEx and UPS-truck, and accidents that result in wrongful death or brain injuries. At JT Legal Group Glendale, we understand the distress that incidents and injuries may cause a person, and we commit to helping you through the process from start to finish.
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Claudia Ochoa
read moreMy 1st car accident was hopeless ( after I realize my difficult situation, I didn't know what to do. JT Legal Group has done a great work helping me. My case was difficult but was won because of the hard work of many people) I highly recommend them to anyone, they gave me Hope
Carol Hartman
read moreJT Legal Group is exceptional in every way when you need legal help. After being in a car accident with injuries, I contacted an attorney who did not answer phone calls and left me to fight my own battles for medial coverage, car repairs and rentals. It was a mess. I was in great pain and did not know how to get the legal assistance I needed.
Then I found JT Legal Group. I was super impressed with each their education levels, I mean they are highly educated.

Jacklin said she could help me; she took care of all the legal maneuvers, which were extensive, doctor bills, car rental, car repairs and recovery for me.
All my phone calls were returned, answered questions, explanations to what is going on and what is needed. We worked as a team. Their communication is consistent and they are on your side. Jacklin and her team worked hard and they got results.!!
After the accident I had great pain which resulted in sleep deprivation, so my nerves were shot. Jacklin and the team were there for me, I had hope knowing someone cared and someone would help me. You need legal help and they know the law! JT Legal Group is amazing, smart and they care. They are goal oriented, they will get the job done for you. I Highly Recommend J T Legal Group. You will be glad you have them for your legal battle. They are really great attorneys!
Patricia F. Williams
read moreWe initially went over JT Legal Group in light of the fact that our family expected to shape a trust. Let me simply say this was the best understanding, without a doubt! They worked with us at all times, a great many inquiries, and even gave us our own particular archives all pleasantly sorted out and neatly named. I think a little goes far, so the exertion they set into each progression of our trust was really remarkable. Couldn't have requested a superior lawyer.
Marcelino Tackett
read moreOne thing that sets apart this personal injury firm from others is that the staff at JT actually helps you schedule your medical appointments. After my kids and I got hit by this awful person, we were really in a state of shock. After calling JT, they kept us busy, scheduling all the necessary medical appointment treatments needed for my kids and I. Not many law firms make that much of an effort and I think is something should be applauded. Would definitely recommend!
Mariam Bin Puspawati
read moreWhen my home was flooded thanks to the high-rise tides (I live on the coast), I had no clue how to repair my home, or where to even start. After some research, I read that the attorneys at JT Legal can help negotiate your claims compensation with your insurance provider. If I hadnt clicked on their website, I probably would have never been able to get my homes interior foundation within months. Thank you!!
Lawrence Accept
read moreVery happy with the work these guys did. In the first few months of waiting for a follow up, I received a call or two from the case manager. They helped guide me through the process of my foreclosure and helped me seek the best possible recovery options. I very much am happy they were able to save me, thank you.
Audry Isla
read moreJT Legal Group kept my home out of foreclosure not only once, but twice. My first loan mod was only for 4 years. They obtained a new loan mod for me and this time, it was permanent. I would definitely hire them again and have recommended to my friends and family. Thank you again.
Marcus T. Rivera
read moreMichael is the best!! My car accident was horrible, even left me scared to drive for a while. Getting rear-ended on the freeway was no joke, but Michael assured me everything would be okay and he was right. Thanks again!
Ikaika Vongsay
read moreWe didnt have a million dollar case, but we still felt like million dollar clients. The staff at this firm were incredibly accommodating and made us feel at home. Definitely will recommend this firm to all that need property damage assistance
Kyle Vaughn
read moreThis is an excellent personal injury law firm. I called the firm about an accident and spoke with Vanessa. After a few minutes I spoke to an attorney more about my matter. While I cant discuss the specifics of my case, I can highly recommend this firm. Anyone looking for a car accident lawyer, call these guys.
Rick Fuller
read moreAfter my dad got in a car accident, I was in a true state of panic. I called several law firms before calling JT Legal, and got nowhere. As soon as I called JT Legal, I felt at ease knowing my fathers case was in the hands of legal professionals.
Albert Agazaryan
read moreJT Legal Group is one of the most professional law firms I have encountered. When you walk into the office they welcome you and help you from beginning to end. They dealt with the Insurance for me, which was a huge weight off my shoulders. Having experience with other firms, I would definitely recommend JTLegal.
Eleana Zuniga
read moreJTLegal Group is an outstanding, dynamic legal firm who handle my case with integrity, concern and upmost kindness and patience.
They helped me obtain all the medical assistance I needed for my injuries plus they negotiated a great settlement. JTLegal is the "To Go" legal firm when you need legal representation. On a scale of 1-10 they are definitely a BIG 10!
Angel Arvizu
read moreFirst let me start by saying I have never had to get a lawyer in my life JT legal group is my first. Going into it I thought it was going to be a complete headache and was not happy but once I started speaking to Liz Razo I had a complete change of mind. I would highly recommend this legal group for the simple fact that they never made me feel as if I wasnt being taken care of. Not once did I feel unsure of what I was going on they kept in contact with every action that has been taken and not just that. Liz would call just to see how I was feeling and making sure I was up to speed with everything. Great people who truly care.
Hank N.
read moreThis was the first time I have ever been in an accident. I was rear ended on the freeway with my wife and two kids in the car. I was referred to JT Legal from a friend and since my accident they have handled everything. I get a free chiro for my back pain, my car got fixed and while it was in the shop I was provided a rental car and I never had to speak to the insurance company because JT did everything. IF YOU ARE IN ACCIDENT AND ARE HURT CALL THIS FIRM.


My case manager is Melissa and she just got me set up for a shot in my back and I have not felt this good in a very long time. And the best part it was FREE!
Sofia Anna
Apr 25, 2021
Great service!
I called JT just to see if they could answer some questions about my work place. They were extremely informated and explained to me that my case was unjust and I signed with them moments after. I'm so glad I called I gave them a call. I'm back at work healthier and happier
Value for Money
Service & Support
Nicole Carey
Feb 24, 2021
Very satisfied
Very satisfied JT legal's work ethic. They took my case and worked in a timely manner to give me the best possible outcome options. I would highly recommend.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Jhon Carry
Feb 07, 2021
Very professional
JT legal was a huge help after a very bad car accident. They were very professional and fought my case for the best outcome. I was impressed with their work and would definitely use them again if another case presents itself.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Catherine Beneuve
Mar 10, 2021
Thanks for everything JT legal
My car insurance was willing to take short cuts for my recovery but this firm worked hard to make sure I got the attention and assistance I desreved. They are highly recommended.
Value for Money
Service & Support

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JT Legal Group
read moreOur experienced Los Angeles area injury lawyers are here to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injury-with personal care at every step of the way. No hidden fees, no hidden conditions, you pay nothing until we win the case. We only represent the injured, NEVER the offenders or insurance companies. In fact, dealing with them this side of the fight is one of our profession's a guilty-little pleasures, We believe seeing them squirm is ‘part of the Recovery Process!' Our experienced personal injury lawyers are among the best in the Los Angeles.
About Us
read moreOur compassionate legal team, and experienced injury attorneys, will show you that aggressive legal work can also come along with compassionate and thoughtful client communication. We take our work personally. That's because the areas of law JT Legal Group focuses on have a direct effect on individuals' and families' everyday lives. Every day, we fight for the rights and proper compensation of people who have been injured in accidents. When it comes to navigating personal injury law in California, JT Legal Group's years of stellar legal work speaks for itself.
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