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Martial Arts Club in Fremont, CA The Finest Martial Art Academy in the Bay Area He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me! Jung SuWon is more than a martial art. It is not a sport. True, it includes a physical form, but the teachings of Jung SuWon go far beyond hard martial art forms that are strictly of foot and fist. Jung SuWon includes spiritual principles and practices that can lay the foundation of your inner power and physical strength, and that can evolve your entire being. Thus, its mental and spiritual aspects are not separate from its physical form, and never could be.

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40480 Albrae St
Fremont, CA
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Jung SuWon Martial art Academy
read moreJung SuWon - "uniting body, mind, and spirit in total harmony" - is a Korean martial art practice developed by Great Grandmaster Tae YunKim. Designed to be practiced by all ages, it combines physical training with awareness, balance and visualization. The ultimate purpose of Jung SuWon is to guide students how to navigate all aspects of life from a higher, more focused plane of existence. Jung SuWon enables you to develop the "Silent Master:" a greater awareness and appreciation for your true self and enhanced wisdom fornavigating all aspects of life, resulting in a happier and more fulfilling one.
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read moreAt Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy, you can focus on yourself, improve your physical being, learn how to relax your mind, and discover how to bring out your warrior spirit. This is what makes Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy an exciting place to be! Come celebrate the sheer joy of training at Jung SuWon. Putting on the uniform, tying the belt and stepping onto the training floor gives me an incredible feeling of happiness. The mental and spiritual aspects of training are just as important as the physical aspects.
Kids Martial Arts
read moreWe provide a program that encompasses the physical, mental, and spiritual training of traditional Korean Martial Arts training. Our classes are composed of a regular warm-up and stretching routine, meditation, and specific subjects related to hand and foot techniques, traditional forms, sparring, strengthening exercises, and many more! We takekids martial arts seriously. In most cases, our Acorn Warriors range between the ages of3 to 5 years old. Our philosophy is that if they can follow instructions and participate in class for kids martial arts, then they are ready to start training.
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