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Air Conditioning Company in Anaheim, CA If your heating system is not working. It is likely your furnace requirements repair or a nice servicing. At times the fix is simple, at times not. In all cases you have my assurance that Kelly's will determine the cause of your heating failure and advise you properly. Our pricing for furnace repair, furnace service or furnace replacement is very competitive. Our estimates are always company with no hidden surprises. We'll keep you fully informed about our findings and recommendations.

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1225 North Kraemer Boulevard
Anaheim, CA
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Furnace repair and service
read moreYou can count on Kelly's for proper heating system diagnosis to find out where your furnace or heating system needs repair or service. We'll give you an accurate evaluation of your furnace's overall health and what repair, service or options are in your best interest. You can depend on us for a quality furnace repair, good advice and good service, with a warranty we stand behind! If a new heating system or furnace is needed Kelly's recommends the system best suited for your home, for dependability, efficiency and in keeping with your needs.
Kelly;s heating and air conditioning
read moreI felt the need to write this quick note of gratitude to you and I want to take a moment to commend you on the quality of your workmanship, service, and the very knowledgeable and personable employees you sent to my home for my recent Air & Heat System. I knew from the first phone call to your office and my first conversation with Ricky, that this would be the company to do this major amount of work at my home. My first call to you was with Ricky, who directed me to your web site, and increased my education on the service and products I was purchasing.
Heating and air conditioning facts
read moreHow heating and air conditioning systems achieve lowest operating, repair costs, & maximum comfort. Efficient air conditioning and heating only happens when: the condenser, the evaporator coil, the furnace & the line set are all with-in each others engineered capacity, properly sized for your home or office or commercial establishment and installed correctly! To explain: Every inside coil (evaporator coil) is engineered for a specific air flow and BTU. This means the heater (furnace) must blow the air flow needed by the evaporator coil.
Orange County heating and air conditioning
read moreThis page deals with tricks that bad air conditioning companies pull. They are all hidden and will eventually cost you significant additional money. By understanding this page and the other information pages we have on this site you can educate yourself enough to avoid most bad decisions or being taken. CONCLUSIONS: Play this part of cost reduction properly and you can save anywhere from $200 to $400 on each new system installation. They haven't a clue about the acid that's created by leaving air and moisture in the system.
Proper duct placement for comfort
read moreGood duct placement gives the lowest air conditioning costs, heating costs, energy costs, repair costs and highest comfort. This page explains ducts and ducting for air conditioning and heating. Specifically good duct placement. By understanding duct placement you will be able to walk around your home or office and quickly determine if your ducts are placed for best effect and efficiency. Our section on air conditioning facts gives energy savings on duct repair along with the percentage of homes in California with leaking ducts.
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