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Medical Equipment Supplier in Wilmington, NC A closer look at Kight's Medical Corp. History, and initial promises to the patients of the Carolina's, plus the success of being the premiere Home Health Care Company. We, at Kight's Medical Corp. Strive for Customer/Patient Satisfaction and are continuously working to ensure our customers and the community are receiving the highest quality service we can supply. We're always open to new ideas and suggestions to better serve you, the Patient.

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2104 Capital Drive # 109
Wilmington, NC
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About Us
read moreKights Medical is a leading provider of integrated home healthcare products and services. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, we employ many healthcare professionals serving the needs of thousands of patients annually. From the time we were established, nearly twenty years ago, we have been committed to full-service homecare solutions that give maximum independence and flexibility to our patients. Physicians, care givers and patients trust us to provide the quality care they expect and deserve.
Sleep Diagnostics & CPAP
read moreThere is an average of 84 different sleep disorders. Of these 84 many can be treated to help guarantee quality sleep. Sleep is vital to our life; it can affect all aspects of our lives as well as not giving us enough energy throughout the day. There are many products to help the quality of your sleep. An at-home sleep study is one of the best ways to provide reliable data in a realistic setting. The results are interpreted by a physician and can help diagnose the problem more accurately. How is the sleep study experience?
Durable Medical Equipment
read moreKight's Medical offers a wide variety of products in the Home Medical Equipment field; this includes superior wheel chairs, beds, elastomeric pumping systems, biliwraps, elevated toilet seat, and commodes. From ambulatory equipment to enteral therapy, Kight's Medical uses the most advanced products for our patients. A partnership with Invacare Medical Products helps us to maintain our reputation of providing high quality products. If you need durable medical equipment, it is very important to understand the rules and regulations your insurance carrier or Medicare uses to govern the acquisition and use of this equipment.
Respiratory Therapy Equipment
read moreKight's Medical provides equipment that can give our patients the ability to breathe easier. We have a wide range of equipment that includes oxygen tanks and Nebulizers. We take pride in our Respiratory Department and it shows in the quality of the products and service we provide. These products include, but are not limited to ventilators, CPAP machines, and Nebulizers.
Recent News
read moreIn honor or our World War II veterans, the Triangle Flight of Honor organization has created a day-long trip that provides them with a chance to visit Washington D.C. Many veterans, unfortunately, may not have the funds or strength to make this trip on their own. This creates the opportunity to help in transportation for these veterans to visit the World War II Memorial as well as other surrounding memorials. This year there were approximately 100 veterans in attendance as well as about 35 guardians.
Specialty Products
read moreUses negative pressure through a controlled suction device to close large wounds and promote faster healing. This patented, FDA-approved device includes a pump, hoses, and monitoring system held within a portable compact case. It weighs less than 20 pounds. It is used for patients suffering from chronic or acute wounds when traditional dressing changes are not effective. It is considered among recovering patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and other home health care settings. Products we carry give support to our patients and can be used for correctional use to restore healthier stature in the body or lend relief to reducing muscle pain.
Medical Sites
read moreHere is a helpful guide offered to patients and caregivers for further information about managing their healthcare. This list is built of the top medical websites to help those with quick questions a research about any particular conditions or services. We hope this can be a helpful tool to find the information and support you may need. Please call our office directly if we can assist you in anyway. There are a variety of Web sites that offer information and support for family caregivers, in addition to those from specific organizations.
read moreThese are our troubleshoot questions that may be a quick help, saving you time and possibly a phone call. If your concentrator has a water bottle for humidification, make sure it is securely screwed on. If it is not the oxygen will leak out through this opening. If problem persists, check all of the oxygen tubing for kinks that may be impeding the flow of oxygen. If problem persists, replace all tubing with supplies from the oxygen kit that was provided with your initial setup. If your concentrator has a water bottle for humidification, unscrew the lid to the bottle, and then screw it back on.
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