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Photographer in Cary, NC My work in photography is all about the muddy puddle moments. Whether it's a bathtub piled with foamy bubbles flying in the air from a squirmy toddler, a blonde haired 6 year old running through the sprinkler on a hot summer day, or a four year old playing dress up in her favorite princess outfit. These are the moments you will want to remember. One day, that toddler in the bathtub, will be the boy that doesn't want you to kiss his cheek in public. The 6 year old running through the sprinkler, will be borrowing the keys to your carand that four year old will be walking down the aisle in a white dress.

These years are fleeting. Every second, in every minute, children grow and change with the passing years. The true beauty of these years can only be frozen in time and remembered with real life, in the moment, natural portraitureportraiture that is, Life's Art.

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read moreJust like the Life's Art experience that Kimberlee provides for all of her portrait customers, her approach to weddings is natural, in the moment, and photo-journalistic. Kimberlee only selects to work with brides who desire that same approach and feel to their wedding pictures. In the words of Kimberlee:

"For me, a wedding is more than the dress, flowers, cake, rings, location, and veil (although veils typically bring a tear to my eye). For me, a wedding is the twining of two souls into one, the begining of a journey, the foundation of family. That is what I desire to capture in your wedding images. The moment where two become one, love conquers all, magic turns into reality, and the guy marries his dream girl...that, in itself, is art."
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