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Promotional Products in Irvine, CA Supplies professional lanyards, badge holders and other exhibition marketing-related products and services. WE aim to ensure our product quality at realistic prices while quaranteering superb client service. is one professional lanyard and badge holder manufacturer. When you want to buy lanyards, we're one of your finest choose lanyard suppliers. We've been delivering a huge array of blank lanyards, custom lanyard, badge holders and identification accessories products in the huge world market.

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read moreIf you are looking for a reliable and well experienced manufacturer to buy customized products for your company/organization's conferences, exhibitions, or even galas. Congratulations! You have come to the right place because that is exactly who we are and what we do! As we understand that most of our customers are under pressure to find the ideal personalized product while obtaining them on time & in reasonable price, all of our staffs are dedicated to help our visitors achieving these goals with a smooth and enjoyable experience.
ID badge reels
read moreWe have a variety of ID badge reels including circular (standard/regular) shape and heart shape, which also come with many different colors. Every badge reels include enduring retractable cords that can allow you to access your cards easier, so it will not become a hassle. All of our ID badge reels can be ordered online.
Fun Lanyards for Parties and Celebrations
read moreThe following group of lanyards are not only great for VIP and ID passes, they are also fun to wear for all kinds of exciting events that will not require any seriousness from the attendees. Such occasions can be a wedding party, birthday party, or graduation celebration! We not only have various cool color for our Fun Lanyards Collection, some come in UV reactive materials, beads, or LED lights too! Find out more about each item and their characteristics by clicking the product image.
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