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Real Estate Agent in Torrance, CA Selecting the South Bay's most qualified Real Estate Broker ensures you'll have a cheerful, stress-free buying, selling and investing experience. 1st: Dedicated you will want a comprehensive time South Bay Real Estate Broker ready and capable to make a comprehensive dedication to you and your family. 2nd: Experienced you will want a Broker with the experience needed to know the South Bay neighborhoods, schools, market conditions, ordinances, etc.

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25660 Crenshaw Boulevard # 104
Torrance, CA
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read moreLet's get together to talk about your real estate plans and goals. Call me at KIVETT REALTY (310) 784-8321, or on my cell phone (310) 871-0690 or send me an email anytime to( When you need results, never forget: Your most important assets deserve the best!
Kivett Realty site selection services
read moreChoosing the right property is an important part of your core business strategy. Location is a crucial part of determining your company's access to markets and skilled employees. Determining the right location to stay competitive in the market while keeping your operating costs down is a vital part of strategic business planning. I understand that. I will give you the personal attention it requires to thoroughly understand your company's special needs. When I help you find a location, I will have analyzed your location needs with the experienced eye of someone that has been in commercial real estate for years.
Commercial Real Estate in Lomita
read moreKivett Realty provides the following commercial real estate services in Lomita and the surrounding area. Brokerage - To assist you in the acquisition, sale or leasing of commercial property, our team of dedicated advisors will apply their substantial commercial real estate experience and authoritative market knowledge. Our innovative, global marketing strategies are proven to accelerate your success. Market Research - Our specialized research team keeps a steady eye on what's happening in the market using the most modern tools and techniques.
Staging your home to get the best
read moreOne of the first things I will do before putting your house on the market is prepare your house for sale. I want to show your house off in its best light to maximize your earning potential. I will tour your house with the eye of a buyer - what works, what doesn't work. As I walk in the door of your house, I will ask myself, "Will this house say, 'Welcome home' to a buyer?" Looking through the eyes of a buyer, I will recommend changes that will enhance sales appeal. Closets and cupboards should appear large and roomy.
Lomita CA Lease analysis services
read moreSelecting the best commercial property requires strong market knowledge and a skilled eye. You need an experienced professional advocate in your corner. I will scrutinize every line of your contract with your best interest and unique needs in mind. I have the years of experience it takes to recognize and cut out the additional charges and restrictive terms that are often hidden in a lease. It is my personal mission to find you the best rate with the best terms. Finding the right property is more than just finding a good deal.
read moreThe oft heard phrase "Buyer Beware" is never more appropriate than when considering the purchase of a fixer-upper. You really need to know exactly what you're getting into before buying. It's commonly believed that fixer-upper properties represent easy money that is ripe for the taking - that you can buy it, do a little work on it in your spare time, and then resell quickly for a large profit. Usually, this simply isn't the case. Although, with proper planning and foresight, good profits can be made by buying "distressed" properties at less than market value, making appropriate improvements and repairs, and then reselling.
read moreCreated while you are alive, a revocable living trust lets you control the distribution of your estate. Ownership of your property and assets is transferred into the trust. You can serve as trustee or you can appoint another to serve as trustee. If you serve as trustee, you must appoint a successor to serve as trustee upon your death. Properly drafted and executed, a revocable living trust can avoid probate and delays as the trust owns the assets not the deceased. Consult with your attorney and/or CPA before deciding if a revocable living trust is the right choice for you.
FICO scores
read moreChoosing a lender isn't the first step in becoming a homeowner. In reality, the home buying process begins and ends with your finances. To propel your dreams of homeownership forward, considering your credit score is a must along with the type of lender for which you'll qualify in Lomita. A FICO score is a collection of your years of credit history based on an instrument developed by Fair Isaac and Company. Most people traditionally have a score of 600, but scores range from 300 to 850. Since we've experienced an economic downturn, however, some borrowers have seen their score drop by hundreds of points because of underemployment, charged off credit card accounts, or credit card accounts terminated because the card didn't carry a high balance.
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