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HISTORY Beginning my career in 1991 as a Graphic Designer, I focused upon learning all I could about the new technology of Interactive Multimedia Design. This lead me to work with such technologies as: CD-I, kiosks, animation, Hypercard, and even video digitizing. My early experience with so to speak cutting edge technologies offered me the unique skills set I possess today. This skill set, along with my passion to learn new skills, I utilized in obtaining opportunities with a handful of firms.

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Konehead Design
read moreWe understand the challenges you face in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace. We know effective design is so much more than just your logo, graphics, photos, and words. Effective design must manage the content into a cohesion of harmony and balance. It certainly is art and story, with the what, why, where, and when questions answered. Above all konehead design listens, examines, and collaborates. We listen to your needs and concerns, we examine you present visual communication strategy, and we collaborate with you to reveal the best strategy for visual communication success.
About Us
read moreMy inspiration drives me to create visual designs which improve communication. My inspiration not only comes from my family and friends, and experienced insight, but from the relationship I make with my clients. Each time I am successful at improving the visual communication of a client, I am invigorated and inspired toward the next project. From a branding project, to a social media campaign, or a training session, the success of a client enriches my being! With more than twenty-five years of industry experience, I know how to provide each and every client effective visual communication at a value to meet their budget.
What we do
read moreFirst we have to get to know you. Rather it is face-to-face, Skype, email, telephone, or another avenue of communication we can accommodate. Above all we must get to know you and your business before we can make recommendations and solve your communication challenges. Understanding begins by listening very carefully to your needs and concerns, then asking questions. So you are not sure what your needs are? Not a problem. We work with you in evaluating your business needs. The more information we share, the better!
Our Process
read moreSometimes our process may seem a little peculiar, wacky, or we appear to be having too much fun, but don't be alarmed! Our process always has the clients' needs and requirements at the forefront. Conceptualizing or brainstorming is essential to establish a foundation of structure to develop. Based upon our collaboration and our research we begin to conceive ideas which best fit the goals of your plan. A plan that allows creativity to stretch beyond the norm, creating a visual language which harmonizes with the written words and communicates to your audience.
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