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Tree Service in Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas Tree Trimmers provides the highest quality and best prices for all tree service needs in the Las Vegas Metro Area. For any questions about tree service or if you would like a free estimate on any service, give us a call!
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Tree Trimming
read moreThe trimming and pruning has among various reasons aimed at reducing hazardous site lines and to improve the aesthetic appeal of the property that is around us. To begin with, aesthetics is whereby the trimming is aimed at maintaining the good shape and appearance of the tree. It is majorly done through crown restoration which is one of the many forms of tree trimming and pruning. It is also aimed at allowing lighter and air circulation into the canopy so as to support the trees growth and wellbeing. Safety as one of the reasons of tree trimming is done mainly to avoid the branches that grow too close to power lines or houses. It is referred to as hazard reduction tree pruning. It may also be done through removal of diseased, dead or unstable branches.
Tree Removal
read moreIdeally, when trees have been cut down, they need to be removed completely from the ground. It can be very difficult for you to remove tree trumps from the ground. Similarly, when trees fall, the stress stumps should be removed to prevent fungal root rot and suckering. However they can either be removed by digging them out shredding them with a stump grinder or burning them. One of the most commonly preferred stump removal is the use of chemicals.

Stumps can be removed when you use the right equipment and using the best technique to get rid of it. You can also use a stump grinder or a stumper cutter to remove the tree trumps. These are the equipments in which it will require you to rotate the cutting discs in order to chip away the woods. Stump can also be removed using weed killers.
read moreTree maintenance is an essential activity upheld to enhance the beauty and value of trees and your property. It aims at maintaining the overall aesthetic appeal and health of the trees. By maintaining trees, they grow stronger, that is, to mean that the trees improve in terms of vitality thus they withstand stormy summers and become persistent to other forms of pests and diseases.


read moreWe have been using Las Vegas Tree Trimmers since we moved into our home last year. The owners before us never kept up with their landscape. We found LVTT online and they came out and did a free estimate. The price was right in our budget and they did an amazing job. We didn't even recognize our home when they were finished. Highly recommend them to all our friends and family and they continue to maintain our lawn till this day.


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Las Vegas Tree Trimmers
read moreLooking for an affordable tree service company in Las Vegas? Of course you are! That's why you're here! Welcome to Las Vegas Tree Trimmers! What's the reason for your visit? Tree removal? Maybe some tree trimming? Or perhaps you just need to clean up that backyard and get rid of all those unwanted branches, trees, and stomps. If it's anything tree related, we can help! Of course we do all the other tree services like stump grinding, tree pruning, recycling wood and debris as well. Just let us know what you're looking for and we can help.
About Us
read moreOur contractors have been in this tree business for over 3 decades, doing tree trimming as well as tree removal and grinding all over the Las Vegas, Nevada metro area. You can say tree's are our passion and it shows in our work. We take untamed, mishandled trees and turn them into beautiful pieces of art. Tree Trimming is truly an artform. And we've mastered it. So. Whether you own a home or hotel here in Vegas, or a business that's landscape needs some trimming up, we'd be honored to take your tree canvas and turn it into a masterpiece.
Las Vegas Tree Service
read moreA well skilled and experienced arborist can help you determine whether the trees you're looking to plant will grow healthily given your location, landscape and backyard soil type. Now that you've planted your trees, they need to get well maintained by performing a number of tasks on them. Note that some of the tasks might require you to hire a tree specialist. You should know that when you're looking to hire a tree specialist, don't just hire the first person who comes knocking just because they have a chain saw and a pickup truck.
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