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Immigration Services in Irvine, CA If you are facing immigration issues in Orange County, California, consult the Law Office of Ashkan Yekrangi. Our immigration law firm prioritizes the client and devotes the necessary time to resolving each case in a thorough, caring and comprehensive manner. While other firms overload their attorneys or run their practices like factories or "mills," the Law Office of Ashkan Yekrangi works to meet a different, higher standard. Our first goal is your satisfaction. We take the time needed on a case to ensure that our clients have the best possible chances of obtaining successful outcomes.
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  • Orange County, Irvine, Long Beach, Mission Viejo
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read moreHowever, we are not well-known only because of our insight, experience, and knowledge. Our genuine, caring personalities make us stand apart from other Irvine immigration law firms. Everyone who comes to us for guidance and representation is treated like a true friend in need, not just a case number. You will never feel rushed at Yekrangi & Associates. By taking the time to get to know you and your unique situation, our team becomes all the better-equipped to handle your case, and guide you to success.
Orange County Immigration Lawyer
read moreYanan Zhu is a graduate of University of San Francisco School of Law. He holds a Masters in Law. He has earned his clients' recognition through his expertise, high work efficiency, focus on details, compassionate communication skills, and an understanding of his clients' needs. Yanan's strong commitment to clients springs from his law degree background, which gives him the ability to treat each case with empathy, as though it were his own. He has already helped numerous clients achieve their immigration goals.
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read moreAt Yekrangi & Associates, we understand that your immigration case impacts every aspect of your life and future. This is why we take a holistic approach to your representation. Let us protect your interests if you are facing an immigration issue. Attorney Ashkan Yekrangi can look at every implication of your case, not just the narrow scope of the immediate problem. At our Orange County law firm, we see the big picture. When you are dealing with a high-stakes immigration issue that has the potential to change the course of your future, you should make sure to retain a lawyer who is able to defend you effectively and accurately.
FAQ Immigration
read moreThe United States immigration system is very complex, and people get confused easily when they try to address immigration matters. If you are facing an immigration problem in Southern California, it is important to retain a dedicated Orange County immigration attorney who can defend your interests, promote your rights, and provide you with strategic professional counsel every step of the way. At Yekrangi & Associates we have been honored to help clients throughout the Orange County area achieve their immigration goals.
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