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Law Firm in Naples, FL The most important value of our law firm is our commitment to our clients. We understand the serious nature of divorce and family law, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your family and your individual set of circumstances. In every case, we fight to achieve the best possible result.

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Emma Hilal
read moreRussell and his team are as good as it gets. He has been our family attorney for the past 6+ years and has always exceeded expectations. My husband and I moved to NC a couple of years ago and still retained Russell's firm services as we felt it truly is the best option out there. From great legal advice to helping us through the naturalization process, his firm has always made the end to end process so easy and straightforward. I cannot recommend him enough.
Stephanie Erbland
read moreI've known Russell for years. He is dedicated, hard-working, and is committed to his clients. He gives great legal advice and is professional, reliable, and trustworthy. I recommend visiting his office and checking out his website.
Kathleen Benoit
read moreOne of my friends was in desperate need of advice from a lawyer, I referred her to Russell Knight. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. She could not be happier!
Joshua Merrick
read moreRussell Knight is one of the most knowledgeable, caring family law attorneys I have ever met. I trust him implicitly. If you are in the Naples FL area and you are in need of a smart and trustworthy divorce attorney you should give Russell a call.
read more... and I have had to deal with many lawyers over the years - divorce, custody, bankruptcy, more custody issues, etc. Russell is still the only lawyer I recommend to anyone looking for one. He is honest, knowledgeable, responsible, experienced and he works fast. His fees are very reasonable and he doesn't "work the clock" like so many of his colleagues with whom I have worked in the past. I highly recommend Russell Knight to anyone looking for a great lawyer.
read moreAfter firing 2 lawyers we have found Russell through the internet. He is truly the best! He helped my husband and I win what seemed to be a very long custody battle of my StepSon. We have used Russell's services since 2008. He helped us establish visitation, motioned for vacation and holidays and finally when we were ready he reviewed full custody with us and explained everything. He was very homest and we trusted him 1000% with everything. If he would of through that we did not have a chance he would of told us right away. With his help and knowledge we were paired with the right Child Representative we fought hard along side with Russell to do what was best for my Step Son. Thank you Russell for everything you have helped us with and for always being so understanding and supportive. I highly recommend Russell for any case as he is very professional, known throughout the court personel, and the most important VERY REAL!
read moreRussell has been a committed legal ally to me as I have struggled with post-decree conflicts with my ex-husband. I don't like legal conflicts and I get emotional. Russell has been very understanding and explains everything to me as clearly as he can. He comes up with new options when the conflict gets to be too much for me and I just want to quit. He knows what's right and he is willing to fight for those things. He also does his best to keep conflict to a minimum. He is not seeking to prolong the conflicts. I feel that he is in my corner even when I have lost hope. That's why I feel that I am in good hands with Russell. His fees are also reasonable and he is honest and thorough with his accounting. He is not out to squeeze out every dollar he can during our most vulnerable moments.
At this point, I expect that my post-decree woes will continue and I will continue to go to Russell to support me and defend my interests against a bully ex-husband who just wants to hurt me. I can trust Russell to make appropriate legal decisions because he has my best interest at heart and he knows what's right!
read moreRussell helped me win a very complicated case. He was transparent, knowledgeable, responsive and was in line with his initial predictions on outcomes of the proceedings. I would use him again as needed. Highly recommended!
read moreRussell Knight has been has been supportive and understanding from the first day we met him. He took his time in listening and comprehending our situation. Russell is knowledgeable, professional, and straightforward with his work. He keeps us updated every step of the way and if we ever have any questions he is usually always available. During a time when my boyfriend and I felt like there was no solution to our unjust problems, Russell has offered the best support and advice for a solution. So far the court has been granting us everything we deserve and we truly could not be happier. He's helping us win the battle and all for an extremely affordable price. I can not recommend anyone better.
read moreI cannot tell you how pleased I am with Russell and how fortunate I feel to have found him. He helped us get our family back together during a bitter custody battle that lasted over a year. He not only worked very hard for us, he was brilliant and compassionate. The 2 Judges we had liked him because he is very smart and likable, and he knows what they are looking for. He kept us informed and updated. He kept us hopeful but did not make promises. He coached us so well that we didn't fall apart on the stand! I would highly recommend him.
Jeff B.
read moreGoing through a divorce is horrible! Going through a divorce where children are involved is the scariest thing I have ever been through in my life! The anxiety of it all is so intense it is just mind numbing! Thank God for Russell Knight! With my case in particular, (I won't get into details), Russell told me "I have a plan, trust me". I trusted him and he led me through the most difficult time in my life! Russell Knight will come up with a game plan for your specific case. He is a dedicated, hardworking fighter and he really cares about his clients. Thank you Russell Knight!

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Law Office of Russell Knight
read moreThe Law Office of Russell Knight is based out of Naples, Florida and serves all of Southwest Florida's family law needs. We recognize that divorce and other family law issues are a stressful and sensitive situation that requires both expertise and compassion. You don't just need a divorce lawyer in Naples, Florida, you need someone who recognizes exactly where you are and where you need to be at the end of this process. Call us today to talk about how your family got to the point of divorce and how I can help you have a successful Naples divorce.
About Us
read moreHi! I'm Russell Knight and I was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. My family moved to the United States in 1991 and we all started our own businesses here in this great country. I attended Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Computers Systems. After two years working as a computer programmer for a Fortune 50 company, I decided that I'd rather work with people than machines. Upon graduating from the University of Illinois College of Law in 2006, I began working for a small general practice law firm in Chicago, Illinois.
Law Office Of Russell Knight Welcomes
read moreAfter almost a year of clerking for the Law Office of Russell Knight, Dustin Sedor has joined our ranks as an associate attorney. My name is Dustin Sedor, and I was born in Upstate New York, specifically, Auburn, New York. Auburn is a small, family-oriented city. My interest in the study of law began at an early age as my father is an attorney in Auburn, New York, and I volunteered in the local Youth Court to assist troubled youths in taking accountability for their actions and whilst giving them an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves.
Naples Alimony
read moreIn Florida, alimony is first governed by the alimony statute which immediately informs us that there are numerous kinds of alimony. These various types of alimony may be considered by the court when they award alimony. The court will issue a decision based on one or more of these different theories of alimony. Let's cover each kind of alimony. Bridge-the-gap alimony may be awarded to assist a party by providing support to allow the party to make a transition from being married to being single. Bridge-the-gap alimony is designed to assist a party with legitimate identifiable short-term needs, and the length of an award may not exceed 2 years.
Naples Child Support
read moreWhether you are in the midst of divorce or were never married, Florida state law controls how child support works in Naples, Florida. Florida Statute Section 61.13(1) allows the court to enter child support orders and provides some guidelines of what child support orders must include. Step 1: Take the total child support obligation from form 902e. Multiply your share by 1.5. Step 4: Take the bigger number and subtract the smaller number from Step 3. That's the child support obligation of the parent who has the child for less nights.
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