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Plumber in Katy, TX Plumbing Katy TX has served a lot of people especially in Texas for a few years now. We have licensed technicians that are committed enough to provide you with extraordinary commercial and residential plumbing services and likewise home inspections. If you have an emergency need or want to make remodeling of other parts of your home, you will always experience a friendly and effective service.

Our mission from the very beginning is to give or provide excellent customer service and workmanship that has a great quality and to educate all of the customers about their water and plumbing systems.

Our company is insured and licensed to operate. Furthermore, make sure that all our employees are insured. If in case they will get injured inside your premises, the insurance will help them with thehospitalization bills.

Plumbing Katy has the reputation of having Master Plumber which can ensure you of an excellent plumbing service. Before we let our plumbers practice their specialization, they have to undergo a lot of things like training so that we can produce excellent workers.

30 years of experience. Being in the business for over 30 years is a proof that we can serve all of the things you need. We have undergone ups and downs but still we stand apart from other plumbing companies out there.
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  • Serving residential and commercial clients
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Drain Cleaning
read moreClogged drains due to soap residue, grease, dirt and other particles is one of the biggest problem faced by many homeowners. Not only does a clogged sewerage/drainage can hinder your daily routine, but it could also lead to further issues such as odor, grease issues, overflowing toilets and many more, which on the other hand could bring some problem not only to your home but also to your health. To prevent any further problems, we can thoroughly inspect your drain line system and prevent small problems from becoming worst. We can unclog and clean your drainage line to get the waste water from its proper flow again.
Leak Repair
read moreWhen you notice leaking or dripping issues from your faucet, sink, shower, bath tub, laundry room or elsewhere in your home, we can repair any types of leaks from faucets to your water supply pipes. Youll get fast, skilled, cost-effective and friendly plumbing service right at the reach of your hand.
Plumbing Repairs
read moreIf problem occurs in one part of your plumbing, this could be an indicative of larger issue that can affect your entire pluming system. A slow drain can be a significant indication of blocked pipe, dripping faucet can be a sign of worn washer, while a running leaking pipe could come from a damaged pipeline. Before any serious problem arise, its better to seek for the expert help of Pluming Services Katy for immediate plumbing repair. Whether its your pipe, shower, drainage line, backflow preventer or other pluming fixture, weve got the fastest and reliable repair service to resolve your problems.


Joe Hurt
read moreJust last Sunday, I really felt annoyed when all the heater pipes at our house started leaking, which resulted into flood. I spent much time mopping and cleaning because of the immediate spread of water. However as I was moping and cleaning, I noticed another pipe leaking. Because of my annoyance and tiredness, I have decided to call the plumbing service provider in our area. Fortunately, after few minutes of calling, they immediately responded and reached our destination. The plumbers did not only fix the leaking heater pipe but they have also saved us from such kind of mess. They were able to stop the leaking pipe and fix it with high quality. With their performance, I can say that they are the best.
Elissa Barnes
read moreBefore I go to work or do my daily tasks, I first enjoy the cool and fresh water of our shower. However just the other day, I noticed some changes on the flow of water. Its getting smaller and smaller as I use it for long hours. And when I open it again on the following day, it is no longer releasing water. I got panic because I need to purchase another shower and hire an installer. One of our neighbours recommended the plumbers in our area and I did call them. I addressed my concern and within couple of minutes, they arrived at my residence to inspect the shower. They did some adjustments and repaired some damages and when I opened it again, it works really well. You are really amazing!
Eddie Gibert
read moreI was really amazed how Lead Plumbing fixed the damaged sink and drainage system in our kitchen. I am really annoyed seeing grease and dirt floating on the sink and having clogged drainage system. I keep on flushing water to let such dirt flow directly but it moves very slowly and dirt is still on sink. I wanted to change the sink thinking that it is no longer efficient however the problem is, I dont have the right tools to do the said job. I called the company to help with this plumbing problem. They respond quickly and fixed clogged drainage system as well as the sink. They bring them efficient tools that helped them do the job properly. They are really skilled when it comes to fixing such kind of problem.
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