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Music Lessons in Spokane, WA LTB was began over twenty years ago with the vision of delivering our students with quality instruction from the finest instructors. A fun and welcome environment are trademarks of the LTB experience. Our approach of outfitting students with all the practical tools needed to play, make, and perform music is what makes us the most popular lesson studio in the area. Our interest has brought you here and our team is ready to help you in learning to play, read, understand, and appreciate all kinds of music as it applies to your instrument.

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11 East Rockwell Avenue
Spokane, WA
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Learn To Burn School Of Music
read moreBe sure to add us on Facebook for the latest updates on Student Recitals and Concerts, where you can find the teachers performing at, new classes we are offering, and other engaging topics and shares that are relevant to what we love-MUSIC!
read moreMy name is Noree Dolphay, and I want to help you sing sweeter, stronger, and smarter. My students range from ages 10-87, and they sing all genres of music. I can help you strengthen your voice while keeping it free, healthy, and flexible so you can make the most expressive, powerful, and creative sounds possible! Noree holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Whitworth University, and a Master of Music degree from Eastern Washington University. Both of her degrees are in Vocal Performance, and she has also done a great deal of special research in Vocal Pedagogy, the study of teaching singing.
read moreMy musical journey began at the age of five. While at a garage sale with my Grandma, we found a mini-drumset, I jumped hysterically, and she brought it home (what did my parents do to deserve this?). Inspired by the music my dad's band rehearsed in our basement (Bob Burdett, you may know as the sales and repair guy at Mark's Guitar Shop), and the awe of the drums ability to make you want to dance and move, I remained self motivated in pursuing drums as a passion. Paper Route money and a birthday set me up with a full sized kit at age 12 and I was off and runnin'.
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