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Doctors & Clinics in Denton, TX The Pediatric Rehabilitation Center that is a Step Above the Rest! At LifeSteps, we currently have gone above and beyond to give your child the finest care necessary to make life more enjoyable and functional. We not only have a heart for your child, we have state-of-the-art processes and equipment to supply complete assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation for kids from birth to 21 years of age. Our well trained therapists work with a complete array of disabilities from ADHD and autism, to cerebral palsy and other severe physical disorders.

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Social Services
read moreCounseling is used to treat children with emotional problems or behavioral issues. The focus of counseling is to stimulate the optimum behavioral, emotional and social development of your child. The goal is to resolve problems that affect their personal and family lives and improve the overall well-being of the child. LifeSteps' counselors are trained to improve the functioning of the whole family and provide your child with the stability to cope with life's difficulties. At LifeSteps, our Counselors are dedicated to improving patients' lives.
Occupational Therapy
read moreAn evaluation will be done by one of our licensed Occupational Therapists. During the evaluation, the therapist will gather information from you, perform standardized testing if appropriate, and observe your child. The therapist will identify problems and strengths and determine the best way to improve your child's skills. If your child will benefit from occupational therapy, an individual plan will be established with your input, your child's input if appropriate, and the child's doctor. Occupational Therapy is a treatment that focuses on everyday life skills and helps your child live life to their fullest potential.
Physical Therapy
read moreAt Life Steps, we focus on the treatment of your child's cognitive, sensory, and physical disabilities to encourage growth. Our highly educated and skilled Occupational Therapists will give your child the steps necessary to be more independent, while maximizing their life skills and enhancing their natural abilities. Your child may have difficulty putting words together and producing sounds. A language or speech pathologists are trained in the development of human communication. Our speech therapists understand speech disorders and the proper techniques to give your child the power to communicate more effectively.
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