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Fitness Center in New Bedford, MA Liteweights FITNESS is an exceptional fitness facility that offers something for everyone. Our professionally developed fitness programs are designed for children as young as two years old and adults with beginner or advanced fitness levels. Our Professional Fitness Trainers and Coaches are committed to assisting you work towards your aim of improved health and wellness. So if your just looking to stay active, lose weight, train for a specific sport, or get in the finest shape of your life, liteweights FITNESS is the place for you.

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834 Ashley Boulevard
New Bedford, MA
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About Us
read moreIn 2007 Liteweights Fitness was established in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Since then our Fitness Training Professionals have helped change the lives of thousands of individuals with various weight loss and fitness goals. We have worked with clients as young as 90 and as old as 10 with a wide range of limitations and injuries. But, no matter your age, limitations, or fitness level, we can create a safe and effective fitness and nutrition program for you. At LWF our mission is clear: To provide quality Personal Training services to every client, and give them the best chance for a long and healthy life.
Services We Offer
read moreWe provide personal and duo training for every fitness and personality type. Our goal as personal trainers is to help you achieve your specific fitness goals efficiently, effectively, and without injury. Come in to learn how we can help transform your life. Maintaining motivation and personal accountability can be hard all by yourself, this is why we offer group training. Work out with like minded individuals and find strength in numbers. You'll make friends and lose weight at the same time! We take the danger out of training for your child with our certified knowledge.
Group Fitness Training New Bedford
read moreWorkout with people who have similar goals in a group setting. Group workouts can be motivating, encouraging, and a way to meet new friends. Group Training provides not only a higher level of accountability, but it can be also more economical way to get in shape. Our group workouts are designed for every fitness level. At least two Fitness Professionals are present during each session. Every workout is different, challenging your full body workouts for weight loss, building strength and endurance.
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read moreThe Trainers at Liteweights Fitness are committed to helping you achieve your specific weight loss and fitness goals. Our Trainers work with you on a personal level to get you the best results. Each program is customized based on your specific needs, schedule, and abilities. Our approach to nutrition has helped many individuals achieve lasting weight loss success, and a healthier relationship with food. If you are ready to make a lifestyle change, let the Nutritional Counselors at LWF help you take charge of your food environment.
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