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Disability Services in Riverside, CA LiveWell Medical Supplies will supply the finest medical products at the fairest prices and generally the lowest prices. Supply a site that you find easy to use and can supply value. We'll donate at least ten percent of our profits back to organizations that assist person with SCIs and other disabling illnesses that don't have the means to get equipment and therapy that would aid improve their quality of life.

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read moreLive Well Medical Supplies strives to provide quality medical products at competitive prices. Our website and storefront location provide products with the necessary information to meet your specific needs. The products we carry and the experience of our staff help our customers find the equipment that can improve their quality of life.
Live Well Medical
read moreWe offer a wide selection of Lift Chairs. Choose the size the best fits you or that special loved one. Our lift chairs are available in a wide selection of colors and fabric, so you can pick the one the best complements your home. Special features like heat and message are available. We offer free delivery to Riverside and Moreno Valley California. Live Well Medical Supplies will provide the best medical products at the fairest prices and generally the lowest prices. We donate a percentage of all our profit back to organizations that assist those with SCIs or other debilitating illnesses.
Power Lift Chairs
read moreSome would say Lift chairs are a luxury item, however, for someone that finds it difficult to stand from a sitting position would say they are a necessity. In making your selection you need to first ask if the chair is a single or dual motor lift chair. This is not to say one is better than the other, however, it will help manage expectations when you receive your chair. The difference - with a single motor both the chair back and the footrest move at the same time. Where a two motor chair you can raise and lower the footrest without changing the position of the back, as well as you can incline or decline the back with out the footrest moving.
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