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Cleaning Services in Long Beach, CA As a certified Carpet Cleaning Technician trained through the IICRC, I provide carpet cleaningand restoration in Long Beach, California. Iam offering to you only thebest quality for a fair price.

If you are choosing which company to hire for the job of restoring your carpet, you really need to understand that not all companies provide the same service. Many cleaners advertise unbelievably low prices, which can be very tempting to the customer. What you do not know is that the majority of these companies that advertise the low prices do this just to get in the door, then later they will surprise you with extra charges, not to mention extremely poor quality of workmanship. It's referred to as "Bait & Switch", and it's unethical in my opinion.

When you hire me to clean your carpets, you are hiring someone who is trained, certified, and takes carpet cleaning very seriously. I take pride in my work and I make sure that your experience is "hands-down" the absolute best that Long Beach has to offer. Your family's healthand well-being is important to me. I invite you to see my Gold Star carpet cleaning process to see what separates my process from the others.
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  • Long Beach, Lakewood, Seal Beach, Los Angeles, Southern California
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  • Licensed and insured
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Green Seal Products Available
read moreThe Long Beach Carpet Cleaning Guy offers green seal products!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
read moreIf you hire me to clean your carpets and you are not satisfied with
the job, I will promptly return to re-clean all areas concerning your unsatisfactory. If you are still unimpressed, the service is FREE! What's more is that if there are any non-permanent spots from
before the cleaning that show up again in the next 30 days, I will
personally return to clean the spots.

Now that's the absolute best carpet cleaning guarantee!
Comparing Prices? NO Bait & Switch here!
read moreIf you are looking for a Long Beach Carpet Cleaner, no doubt you've seen
ads for unbelievably low prices on the internet and in the newspaper.
Are the ads true? Can you really get your carpets cleaned for 20-30
dollars a room? I invite you to watch this short video and find out what
is really going on. If you've experienced anything like this before,
I'msureyou are aware of how these companies operate. This video will
help you in deciding on an ethical carpet cleaning company in your area.
Pet Odor Removal
read moreDo you have cats or dogs? Long Beach is a pet-friendly
city. Did you know that Long Beach has the most dogs per person ratio in
Southern California. Animals can bring bugs, dust mites, germs,
feceise, and dirt from the outdoors. This is exactly why you should be
making an appointment with the carpet cleaners every 6-12 months if you
have pets. You can vaccuum all you want, pets leave behind dirt that
needs to be deep cleaned by a cleaning specialist in order to get
seen and unseen dirt out of your carpets.

Pet stains and odors can be removed from yourcarpet through
high tempurature and high pressure carpet extraction. Our carpet
cleaning machines clean with waterand cleaning solution as hot as 210
degrees to remove soil. We treat your carpets with a special pet odor solution to
take care of any animal, cat or dog urine smells.

Don't Delay, Call Today!
Take care of your family and pets, and yourself too by
getting your carpets cleaned at least every 6-12 months if you have
pets. Call Ka-Pow! Carpet Cleaners today (562) 616-2777

CALL: (562) 616-2777 AND BOOK TODAY!


Steven L
Alhambra, CA
read moreHad the carpet cleaned last week and it definitely looks amazing. I would recommend this person not only for doing a great job, but also for being approachable and having a good attitude. Thanks again!
David T
Alhambra, CA
read moreMy carpet turned out great! He did more than I expected and the customer service was excellent. I would definitely use them again!!
Larry D
read moreMy carpet had never been cleaned in 14 years. It came out great. Tyler did a great job very quickly. I would recommend him to anyone. I would definitely use him again. Thank you for the professional job and the great attitude.
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