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Doors & Windows Company in Houston, TX Garage Door Repair Houston is a dependable and reliable garage door repair that has been servicing most of the Houston area and its outskirts. Our company offers a full range of repair services that include parts repair, pats replacement, panel repairs and panel replacements just to name a few. Aside from this, installation of new garage doors is also something that people rely on the company with. For many years now, it has been continuously providing top notch quality garage door Houston. So many customers have come to the company for their repair and installation requirements.

A lot of customers are surprised that the companys prices are quite competitive when compared to other industry players. The company believes that customers will always go for value for money. This is something that the company will always be prepared to give them. It is all about top notch quality services at prices that are very affordable to anyone and everyone.

All of the service people in our company come well recommended. The reason for this is that the company has all of the licenses and permits covered. Second is that the company provides a full on training program for all of its service people. Even the customer care representatives are trained to answer some of the most intricate and detailed technical questions. All of the employees of our company are well mannered and professional. These employees have been background checked to better keep the security and the safety of the company and, most especially, the customers and their properties.
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read moreFor garage door repair Houston, a garage door specialist is needed. Not just any garage door repair service can call itself a specialist. You need to really look for a company that has over 10 years of experience working with garage doors and has adapted over the years to further improve its services. You need to make sure you have a trusted brand with a network of customers who have nothing but positive things to say about them, which is the result of the best quality customer service.
read moreAside from simply repairing garage doors, a good garage door repair service must also be able to install them in the first place. Unless you have a decent amount of handy skills that extends beyond fixing things around the house, getting your garage door installed is best done by hired professional. This is because getting it done right in the beginning could help prevent problems in the long run. If the installation job is botched, problems are soon to follow.

Our installation experts are more than happy to show you how the garage door works after it is installed, taking you through the process of operating it step by step. You even get to bring up any concerns you might have regarding your brand new garage door.
read moreWhile repairing your garage door is important, garage door service Houston is an ongoing process that involves taking care of your garage door as it endures wear and tear from constant use and exposure to the elements. Without the proper maintenance your garage door could end up deteriorating in quality sooner rather than later. This results in higher costs for you as a home owner.


Jack Richards
read moreIts definitely a good thing that we have LY Garage Door Repair on hand in this city. I was pissed off by the fact that my garage door wont open the other day with car inside the garage. I called them and they came within 30 minutes. They did a quick run through with whats wrong. In a few minutes they gave me a quote and told me they can fix it in an hour or so. I was so amazed at quick response to my call. Their servicemen went into action right away. In just a little under an hour, they had everything fixed and running. I would definitely recommend this company to others. One of the truly more professional companies that have impressed me so much.
Cristina Villaflor
read moreLY Garage Door Repair just gave me a wonderful experience when I had them fix my garage door. I got home at 2 am and my garage door wont open. It needed a quick fix right in the middle of the night. Thankfully someone knowledgeable answered my call. And in just a few minutes, their service team came to my house. I am so amazed at the quick response time of the team. This to me shows a lot of professionalism about the company. No ifs, no buts. They just a call and do their job. Garage door repair service does not get any better than this. I am so glad that I got their number on my phone. And I only paid for what they did. No hidden charges whatsoever.
Jake Cardinal
read moreI called LY Garage Door Repair to report that my garage door is broken. Upon answering my call, the customer care representative immediately calmed my nerves since she was able to answer all of my questions. She gave a quote and she immediately dispatched their service team to my house. It only took 15 minutes. I told them what was wrong and immediately they dove into action. After about a minute or two, they told what the problem was and went on to fix it. It did not have to pay any extra cost for their services. They did an amazing job done by well-trained professionals that certainly deserves some recommendations. And Im talking about servicemen and customer representative. From then on, they are now on my speed dial.

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Garage Door Services
read moreYour garage is an important part of your home, so your garage door deserves the utmost attention when it comes to making sure it works properly. After all, you would not want your car to be stuck inside your garage or locked out of it. You want your day to start with a garage door that properly functions to let your car out and end your day with a garage door that will let you in. This is the intended purpose of a garage door. However, garage doors are not magical pieces of technological masterpieces that are immune to wear and tear.
Garage Door Installation
read moreGarage Door Repair Houston allows you to customize your garage door. You can choose from a vast collection of garage door models. We have trendy aluminum garage door installation. Trendsetters look for today's classic-styled houses. Crisp frames and bold designs molded from durable resistant aluminum structures and fiber glass make a striking blend in your house. Our garage door installation service comes with a standard frame. It has a fine width and frame with a beautiful finish and special security options.
Garage Door Maintenance
read moreIf you have invested a lot money in a brand new modern garage door, you should aim to look after it to get the most out of the investment. Obviously the door itself should be maintained. The exterior should be painted from time to time and bumps and dents removed. However, you should not ignore the different internal systems that need to work smoothly together, to make sure that the door opens and closes properly. If you are a commercial operation that constantly uses garage doors or a home owner living in the suburbs, then aim to thoroughly check the door itself and all the supporting systems every month.
Garage Door Openers
read moreAre you getting tired of your garage doors malfunctioning? Is hearing the constant noises it makes making you feel frustrated? Garage doors should always be regularly maintained and looked after. People often neglect this fact until it becomes too late. Garage doors are often neglected, and one of the reasons is simply because homeowners find it a hassle. Well, look no further. We at Garage Doors Houston are here for you. We are able to cater to your everyday needs with quality service and precision.
Repair Service
read moreEvery family deserves to live in a more convenient and safer home. It is natural that in some instances, your garage door may get damaged due to its old age or due to bad weather. With this, you will need the assistance of a company that can serve you with the best possible services in repairing and maintaining your garage door and at a reasonable garage door repair cost. With us at Garage Door Repair Houston, we can assure that you will have great satisfaction with our reliable performance. It is highly suggested that you choose a provider that can provide you with reliable garage door repair services so that your hard earned money and your time will not be wasted.
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