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Locksmith in Tempe, AZ You noticed the gap between the front door and the frame. In doubt, you used your old credit card and inserted it. You were surprised to see the latch moved and subsequently cause the lock to be released. So, this was the reason burglars were able to break into your home without leaving a trace of force because they were able to easily make an entry. You began to feel disappointed to the technician you previously hired to install the door lock because it was not done correctly. What should you do? Hire a carpenter to reinstall the door? Nope. We at Magnet Locksmith know what to do. We can install a deadbolt lock to make sure that even with the gap burglars will not be able to gain entry again.

This time you will not be disappointed because we will do it expertly. Our locksmith technicians are all professionals, having sufficient knowledge about installation, repair, replacement, and others. Even if you discover this gap past office hours, call Locksmith Tempe AZ customer service assistance number at (480) 374-1760. We will take your call because we operate for 24 hours. We will be in your home in a matter of minutes to close this gap and to install deadbolt locks. Fret not with our prices because we are an affordable locksmith company. We are also honest that our service estimate is accurate; you can check it from our final billing statement. We do not demand additional charges.
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read moreHomes are often the victims of burglars because their level of security is not as comprehensive as that of commercial establishments. Some owners settle for ordinary locks because they cannot afford high security locks or they do not want to spend that much, thinking that these types are enough to protect their homes. They do not realize that standard locks can be easily picked. Worse, burglars do not even need to do lock picking because they can easily force their way in particularly if the locks are not properly installed. Gaps in doorframes let the burglars get in by just using thick cards like credit cards. It is for this reason that you should look for a professional technician to provide Tempe locksmith services.
read moreA business no matter how small or big it is should ensure that its office is well-secure. Robbers are aware that valuables are inside computers, tools, equipment, products, and many others. All these are temptations because they can easily trade them for a good price. Its not enough to use standard locks; installation of deadbolts are a requirement. You should also consider setting up security system, such as keyless entry system or access control, to monitor people who get in and out of the entryways. For this, you will require the help of expert locksmith technicians that performs Tempe locksmith service.


Erica Cha
read moreThe key broke while I was trying to start the ignition. It was depressing, thinking that I need to get home early because my in-laws will visit us and I need to cook dinner for them. I was parked in the supermarket. Its raining hard. I was thinking: Will someone be here to help me? I browsed the Internet and stumbled upon Magnet Locksmith. I immediately called them. I was glad to hear that they will come in an hour. Waiting was nothing if only I can be home right on-time to cook. But they came earlier. They immediately made a new key for me and true to their promise I was able to host a feast with my in-laws. Thanks for saving me!
Thomas Davis
read moreThe kids were already home from school, but they could not enter inside because the key, which my eldest kept, was missing. They looked at it in school but found none. I needed to hurry home but just the same, we were just at the garage, trying to figure out how to get inside because I have no spare key. What made our situation more depressing was that the locksmith I called up didnt arrive. He said he will not be able to make it. That was so unprofessional. I looked up for another company and came across Magnet Locksmith. The technician arrived in 20 minutes. He went directly to the door right after introducing himself to us (with a smile) and opened it! We were so happy!
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