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Garage Company in Richardson, TX Magnus has the best professional team with all the credentials needed. Their members are licensed, knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate. Our work force has been impressive in accommodating several customers simultaneously. We can attend to 20-30 customers at the same time. We also have our emergency response team for emergency requests. Everyone working for Magnus is well-versed with the technicalities and the structure of the garage door and all of its parts. It is an important factor to have mastery over the services we offer to ensure the best results. We promise the best, so we deploy the best.

Now, to clear things up. Magnus is not a garage door parts manufacturer. We have supplies for replacement and installation services, but we dont produce the parts ourselves. We commission the best manufacturing companies to hook us up with top-quality parts while they are still hot. Not only that; we make use of advanced technologies and machinery when we do our job. The computers and programs are here to troubleshoot safety eyes and fix their infrared signals. We also have the machine to fully align broken garage door panels and more. We cant provide great service without quality resources. All of the brands we purchase for our services last for a whole year with regular maintenance. So if you have any questions about our team and our resources, fire away. One thing we promise is that we have the best team and the best set of resources in this business.

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Garage Door Service
read moreA good service can also mean being able to supply and install a new garage door, if needed If you live in Richardson TX, you will be able to contact us at Garage Doors Richardson. We can cover a number of services. These include, repairs, installation, and maintenance. The following components can be serviced or replaced: openers, rollers and springs. These would include all the other elements found in a modern garage. The garage door services of Richardson can cater to all the major makes of garage doors, so repairs and replacements should not be a problem. If you have an emergency, we are available 24/7. We will get to you quickly and rectify most problems on the spot.


Dawn Thomas
read moreIt was almost midnight when my wife and I got back home from the hospital. Our garage door would not budge to open. I called around for garage door repair companies. They were all out of service except for this one. They immediately sent people to assist us. We were out of trouble in no time. All I could say was Thank you for the help you did! What a relief they were available whenever we needed them. They truly represented the 24/7 emergency services every garage door owner needed. We paid the fair price for their services. We were back to our house safely without worrying as to our garage door being broken again because these guys fixed it to stand for a long time.
Thomas Davis
read moreAs a very busy person, sometimes I had the tendency to forget to check on my garage door. So, my friend suggested having it upgraded and overhauled. After I had thoughtfully considered the cost, I talked around garage door repair service providers. This company gave me the best deal while providing me the things I wanted with the garage door I envisioned. They gave me the whole process of servicing and timetable for finishing the overhaul. I could say they were the most trustworthy crew that ever worked on my house. I was confident to leave the house with them because I knew they were there to do the job and nothing else. They did finish the project and left me a lot of troubleshooting tips I could really use.

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Magnus Garage Door Repair
read moreWhen it comes to local garage door opener services in Richardson TX, you might want a reliable Richardson garage door repair company that you can completely trust. Magnus Garage Door Repair is a well-established garage door company that has decades of experience in the industry. We have expert, professional, and highly-trained teams that are knowledgeable of the proper ways to address your entire garage door service and repair needs. We completely believe in taking one step forward and above in order to make sure that your garage door opener will work well.
Garage Door Services Of Richardson
read moreThe servicing of a garage door should be as important as servicing your automobile. A modern garage door is now a complex set of interrelated technologies. It is no longer just a hinged door found outside your house. However, this is how people treat their garage door. It always opens up everyday, so what can go wrong with it? If it is not regularly checked and maintained, things will start to progressively go wrong, even with a modern garage door. A good service can also mean being able to supply and install a new garage door, if needed If you live in Richardson TX, you will be able to contact us at Garage Doors Richardson.
Installation Service
read moreIf you have a construction job planned, then you may have plans to put a garage on the property, whether it is a home, an office, or a business establishment. It is common for most people in Richardson, TX to have a vehicle, so a garage is appropriate. And you definitely do not want to have a garage without a garage door. It keeps your vehicle secure from anyone who may want to steal or damage it. It also helps keep it clean by not exposing it to the elements. You want a garage door that will do its job, so that you do not need to worry about your car.
Rollers Service
read moreGarage door rollers are one of the small parts of your garage door that you may not often notice. But that does not make it any less important. Rollers are found on overhead sectional garage doors. The roller consists of a stem and a wheel found on the end of the stem. The stem is made of metal while the wheel is covered in either plastic, steel, or nylon. The rollers sometimes have ball bearings, which help them function. The rollers work by having the metal stem inserted into slots found on the skeleton of the garage door.
Repair Service
read moreWhen it comes to repairing your garage door, the main question is who is going to do it. Since it is not as if garage doors repair themselves, the decision is pretty much down to you or someone you hire. In making this decision, there are quite a few things you need to know and consider about your garage door. First of all, know that you garage door is a complicated mechanism. From the motor that runs it to all the peripherals that move the door whenever it goes through a cycle, you are dealing with a machine that is made up of a lot of parts, each of which can develop problems.
Maintenance Service
read moreJust like any other machine, your garage door needs human hands to keep it running. Without them, it will break apart pretty quickly. One of the reasons you are needed to keep your garage door running is maintenance. You need to perform garage door maintenance in order to prolong the lifespan of your garage door. The lifespan of a garage door is measured in cycles. One cycle is one instance of the garage door being opened and closed. While a garage door that is not properly maintained may last less than 10,000 cycles, one that is properly maintained can last anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 cycles.
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