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Massage Therapist in Orange, CA
Massage Therapist in Orange, CA Are you so tight that muscles can't move? Can you stretch? Does that affect your golf game? What about performance at work? When considering an expert massage therapist, it is significant to find a therapist with the knowledge and understanding who can assist you reach your aims. Board Certified and licensed massage therapist, Sue Peterson, provides the personalized, top-level therapeutic solution discriminating OC customers demand. Sue's expert massage therapy utilizes a flexible approach that achieves real results.

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Massage Therapy - Orange County, California
read moreWe offer medical massage therapy by board-certified therapist, Sue Peterson, CMT #1039. This therapy provides natural, holistic solutions for ailments from headaches to creaky shoulders in a warm, nurturing environment. Medical massage therapy combines many popular massage styles -sports, deep-tissue, lymph drainage, trigger point, myofascial release and Swedish, to name a few - to solve problems and help you feel your best. This therapy addresses shoulder, neck or low back pain, loss of movement, headaches, dizziness, loss of balance, tinnitus, digestion reflux, TMJ, sciatica, tendonitis, bursitis, swelling and circulation deficiencies.
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
read moreIf you're suffering from stiffness and pain that cannot be solved from a Swedish Massage, then perhaps Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is the answer for you. During a Deep Tissue Massage the pressure is stronger and much more concentrated on the problematic areas which may lead to better relief of discomfort. Unlike many other techniques in massage therapy which is mainly focused on relaxation, deep tissue massage therapy aims to treat muscle pain and help ease stiffness. It still can be used to help you unwind mentally, too.
Sports Massage Therapy
read moreSports Massage Therapy is a preventative therapy and treatment option targeting athletes and exercise enthusiasts. Sports Massage Therapy focuses on tissue and muscle health, along with balance, proper posture, range of motion, and even more. The type of sport or exercises a patient is involved in will determine the treatment program, which should target muscles that may be stressed and other parts of the body prone to injury. Sports Massage Therapy can help reduce injuries and increase performance by utilizing different soft tissue techniques.
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