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Environmental Company in Albany, NY Matrix Environmental Technologies. Was incorporated in 1991 to supply environmental consulting and site remediation services. The firm is known nationally for innovative technologies, most notably the patented oxygen injection process. With offices in Eastern and Western NY, we provide site remediation and O&M services across the Northeastern US. Our reputation for partnering with consulting and contracting companies, both huge and tiny, is unique in the environmental industry.

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Matrix Environmental
read moreExperience runs deep at Matrix, a small company with big company experience. Three decades of implementing and improving remediation technologies. We are a specialized environmental contracting company with long term client, regulatory, contractor and vendor relationships. We bring our expertise and extensive network into any project scenario, as a subcontractor in the field, technology provider, engineering support, or all of the above. Our goal is to exceed client expectations, meet regulatory objectives and grow long term relationships.
About Us
read moreMatrix Environmental Technologies Inc. was founded in 1991 in Rochester, NY to provide environmental consulting and site remediation services. We entered the remediation industry during its early growth phase when new technologies and remediation methods were evolving. We contributed with innovative groundwater and air treatment methods that were patented. Our service area during these early years was Upstate New York and Vermont, working on sites in the shadow of Love Canal, Kodak Park, Xerox and IBM Endicott.
Direct Push Services
read moreOur experienced staff of operators and field geologists have installed hundreds of groundwater monitoring wells, oxygen injection points, piezometers and soil vapor points. METI can also provide soft-digging and hand-clearing services to ensure site utilities will not interfere with your boring plan. Pre-clearing boring locations in this manner allows us to verify that utilities are not present in your work area and saves the expense of repairing damaged utilities.
Environmental Contracting
read moreMETI has mobile remediation systems available on a rental basis to meet your pilot testing needs. Our technicians mobilize, setup, and operate the equipment and have the sampling equipment and instrumentation to collect data critical to the success of the testing. METI offers soil excavation services ranging from test pitting during site characterization to large-scale remedial excavations. Our operators boast over 50-years' combined industry experience and have the necessary training and knowledge to tackle any situation, including spill response.
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