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Painting Company in Billings, MT Matt the Painter serves Billings, MT and the surrounding communities. We provide interior, exterior, domestic, and commercial painting services. Our goal is to supply 1st-rate service and quality workmanship has set the standard by which all other Billings painters are measured. Our crew is clean, courteous, efficient, and extremely skilled. No job is too large or too tiny. Painting is a skilled trade, just like electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. You are taking a HUGE risk by hiring the wrong personal to paint the biggest and most important investment you'll ever have. YOUR HOME!

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2260 Saint Johns G32
Billings, MT
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Matt The Painter
read moreYou will be part of the planning processes and be updated each day on our progress and plan for the following day. Keeping your home clean and your family safe during the process is our priority. We warranty our work and don't see the completion of your project as the finish line. It is the starting line to a lasting relationship to serve all your painting needs. Matt the Painter serves Billings, MT and the surrounding communities. We offer interior, exterior, residential, and commercial painting services.
Painting Services
read moreInterior: All furniture, items, and floors are covered with clean drop cloths and/or plastic drop cloths. Walls, ceilings, and trim are inspected for repairs then filled, sanded, and primed. All baseboards, windows, and frames are professionally taped. Exterior: All landscaping and items that surround the work area will be covered and/or moved to ensure capture of paint chips, dust and paint. Exterior surfaces in need of repair will be fixed and pressure washed to provide a clean surface before paint will be applied.
Interior Painting Costs
read moreInterior painting projects can be difficult to price due to the factors that determine the cost: the type of surfaces being painted, the amount of prep work and/or patching, the heights and access to the areas, the level of prep work you want, sprayed vs brushed finish and the qualities of paints used. Because there are so many variables, it's tough to give an exact quote over the phone. We always recommend doing an on-site visit so we can give you the most accurate pricing. To give you an idea of our prices, check out the following ballpark figures for some typical interior painting projects.
Exterior Painting Costs
read moreIn Billings we have a variety of homes and landscapes. This can create some difficult and interesting terrain for staining and painting homes & businesses. The access due to landscape and design will affect the price. Other variables that go into determining the cost are: how the home has weathered, the type of siding it has, the level of prep work it needs or you want to have us do before painting and the quality of paint you want to have. For these reasons, it's difficult to gauge what the cost of painting your home may be without seeing it.
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