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Multimedia Company in Sandy, UT A passion for magic is a natural outgrowth of many interests. Combining art, technology, theater, science, music and architecture, Michelangelo's magic and illusions are rapidly earning visibility in the world of entertainment. Intriguing set pieces and a charming performing style represent the unique blend of experiences that have shaped Michelangelo's life from the beginning. And catching the magic bug was a cheerful accident. A doctor's appointment almost kept Michelangelo away from school on the day students presented a magic show that was inspired by a book from the school library.

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Sandy, UT
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read moreEmbracing many artistic disciplines-painting, sculpture, architecture-the timeless beauty of his creations forever change the perceptions of people who see his work. Michelangelo has forged a highly successful career from these basic elements: make it entertaining, make it memorable, and make it personal. As one theater director noted, "It's more than a magic show, it's a show that's MAGIC!" We all have seen a performance and thought, 'Wow! That was fantastic!' and then we go home and can't remember what we actually saw.
read moreThis page is where you'll find the latest, most up-to-date information about Michelangelo, his work, and what he will do next to add a little art-and magic-to the world. HopeKids is a 501(c)(3) that works with families who have children with life-threatening medical conditions like cancer and many chronic health conditions. HopeKids serves families throughout Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and parts of Colorado and Nevada. These children are treated at Primary Children's Medical Center, University of Utah, Shriners Hospital and others.
read moreHighlights from our award-winning show with television spots, favorite illusions, and outstanding photography. Features the Crated Casket, Spare Parts, Picasso Princess and Body+Blades illusions along with bits from the Card Contest and Lady Through the Keyhole segments from Fox television. Photography by Weston Fuller.
read moreThe box is closed with Kaley inside. The remaining panels are opened to reveal two racks of stainless steel blades. Michelangelo thrusts the blades into the box with so much force that the box is thrown to the other side of the table. When he opens the doors again, Kaley is gone. After a moment, Michelangelo opens the back door as well, giving a view through the box. He then closes everything and withdraws the blades. Illusionicity is our full-length evening program featuring more than 90 minutes of illusion, dance, magic, and music.
read moreIf you see a mass of flowing brown hair, dynamic dance moves and a 1,000-watt smile, you're looking at Jo. In addition to her excellent work in the dance corps, she is instrumental in creating much of the show's choreography and magic as well. Illusionicity is our full-length evening program featuring more than 90 minutes of illusion, dance, magic, and music. The photos in this gallery were all taken on June 25, 2010 at the Sandy Amphitheater. This performance was captured in spectacular still photography by Weston Fuller and was reviewed in City Weekly Magazine who gave this show their prestigious "Arty" award.
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