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Airlines & Flights in Rochester, MN Whether you are traveling for business or vacation, you can say goodbye to the standard trip. Private air charter is the most convenient, time saving, and relaxing way to travel. For over 45 years, Charter First, operated by Midwest Aviation, has been redefining the way business executives and luxury vacationers fly. Such travelers know the time and value in being capable to pull up next to their private jet, board, and take off all in a matter of minutes, not hours.

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read moreCharter First has been proud to offer its flight guests safe and reliable travel since first being established in 1962. Although its business name has changed over the last 45 years, the experience held by Charter First has exceeded its competitors for several decades. The entire staff knows exactly what it takes for you to save time and add productivity-all while still traveling in style and comfort. Of course, Charter First always offers complimentary concierge service for your entire trip. Your personal charter specialist will not only create a custom travel itinerary, but will also arrange for ground transportation, hotel reservations and any in-flight catering requests you may need.
Aircraft Services
read moreMany of Charter First's clients find that they reach the level of travel needs when ownership makes business sense. There are many aircraft options in the market today and choosing the right type, while making the right purchase can be an overwhelming and timely process. Charter First's 45 years of aviation knowledge leads those buyers from concept to completion efficiently and confidently. Let Charter First advise you on a sound investment and complete your ownership decision. After the acquisition, Charter First can also become your experienced aircraft management operator.
Charter vs
read moreNever be stuck in a coach class middle seat again. By flying charter, you ride in a comfortable aircraft cabin with amenities such as a wet bar, catering, in-flight movies that you actually want to watch and roomy seats. You can kick back, relax and travel the way you deserve to. Never worry about who may be watching your laptop screen or listening in on your conversations. With a chartered flight you know who you are traveling with, which means you can conduct business or simply relax in a private environment.
How to Choose an Operator
read moreChartering an aircraft for the first time can be confusing - but it doesn't have to be. To make sure you feel comfortable, please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions. We will make every effort to ensure your comfort with our services. Charter First has experience operating various types of aircraft from small piston to jet. Charter First employs experienced, continuously trained pilots and maintenance personnel. Charter First's dispatching staff is certified with experience in the industry.
Air Charter
read moreThat is the luxury of using a private air business charter. The advantages of using chartered flights for your business or vacation travels are almost endless. Simply imagine your next trip as one in which you will be completely taken care of-from the initial phone call to your final destination. With no lines, no unnecessary delays, no lost luggage, and no connecting flights, your schedule stays efficient, productive, and on time as originally planned. Your private cabin allows you to conduct business, relax with an in-flight movie or change your destination in the air.
read moreCharter First knows that not every travel itinerary carries the same mission or need. Therefore, with its wide aircraft selection, Charter First is able to better match your specific travel needs with the appropriate aircraft.
Where We Fly
read moreCharter First takes you to the destinations you need to be and at the speed in which you need to conduct business. As a Minnesota-based private air charter specialist, Charter First is able to utilize more than 8,000 additional airports than scheduled airlines can, meaning you arrive closer to your actual destination. Charter First frequently begins journeys from Minnesota and South Dakota cities such as Minneapolis, Rochester, Marshall, New Ulm, Willmar, St. Paul, St. Cloud and Sioux Falls, yet can begin yours from the location of your choice.
Piper Aerostar
read moreCharter First offers piston-powered aircraft that travel shorter distances and cost less than other aircraft in the fleet. Charter First operates three piston-powered aircraft - two Piper Chieftains and one Piper Aerostar.
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