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Mental Health Services in Miami, FL If you're like most of us, you've been looking for a way to break through the internal struggle that's holding you back from experiencing the life that you REALLY want.

Well, I'm here to tell you that your past does not have to equal your future. If you've decided that it's time to change the self-limiting patterns of thought and behavior that are sabotaging your efforts, then there's a very good chance that I can help you... I say can help you and not will help you because the willingness to change is up to YOU.

I have learned that we all have the ability to achieve any goal, but it starts with the right mindset and there's no better way to develop the attitude required for successful living than through hypnosis!

Yes, hypnosis. Like many people, you may have heard of how hypnosis has helped others achieve their goals. You may have even thought about different ways you might use hypnosis to change your own life for the better.

The inability to achieve a specific objective is rarely a case of not knowing what to do. As you may have observed, intellect has very little to do with success. Often the cause is hidden from our awarenes, a sort of "blind spot" in the mind. Hypnosis provides a way to address the hidden beliefs residing in your subconscious mind that are responsible for holding you back so that you can start to live on your terms.
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read moreMy system has been organized into a complete six session program built around a client centered, solution focused, and results oriented approach that is designed to produce long lasting, permanent success.

My philosophy is to give a client the fewest possible sessions to reach the desired goal and I will never allow a client to see me for more than six sessions on any particular issue. I do not want the client to believe that they cannot make changes without me I teach the client self-hypnosis starting on the second session.

It is important to know up front that I do NOT cater to those who are looking for a quick fix, or instant gratification. Your particular challenges did not develop overnight so it would be naive to expect a miracle cure in just one or two sessions. There are many out there who will gladly take your money in exchange for unrealistic promises and these people are not hard to find, if that's what you want.


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