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Pest Control Services in Lynn, MA Modern Pest Services gets rid of unwanted pests with Fast, Effective Pest Solutions for your business or home. Modern Pest Services has been proudly serving Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont for over sixty years. Modern provides a huge range of programs designed to safely and effectively treat your pest problem. Modern is one of only 21 pest control firms in the U. S. To be recognized by the EPA for our green pest control and organic pest control programs. Modern is the only pest control firm in New England with this recognition.

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Modern Pest Service
read moreIf you see a few rodents, it is likely that one represents many, many more hiding in your home or property - spreading disease-carrying droppings and potentially creating costly damage. Our effective year-round program includes thorough inspections from a knowledgeable team of Pro's, who have the skills, equipment and "know how" to tackle your rodent problem - guaranteed! As pest management professionals, we pride ourselves on our commitment to defend homes and businesses across all industries from damage by disease-carrying pests.
About Us
read moreMany companies talk about providing excellence in customer service, professionalism, superior service and more. At Modern Pest, we prefer to live and work by the driving principles of our company and let the results shine through! We often hear from our customers that the Modern Experience embodies excellence in customer satisfaction, like no others. Maybe it is because we are willing to back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee?
Residential Total Home Exclusion
read moreThe Total Home Exclusion method reduces the use of pesticides by identifying the root cause of the issue and providing a solution to protect homes from unwanted pests, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Call Modern Pest to get started today.* Total Home Exclusion is a custom-designed, real solution from the sub-basement to the roof that is based on your home's pest problem. We employ Total Home Exclusion through methods like non-lethal wildlife exclusion, bird proofing and/or netting, and pest-proofing for insects and rodents at any height.
Commercial Disinfection and Sanitizing
read moreModern's Disinfection and Sanitization Treatments go above and beyond a typical deep clean treatment. While sanitizing, a wet mist of disinfection solution is sprayed in a room and allowed to settle on surfaces to start its work. As with any disinfecting and sanitization service, it is important all surfaces are free and clear of clutter, food, paper and any other objects that will not allow our team access to key areas. What makes this service so effective is how we incorporate multiple methods of product application as a part of our indoor disinfectant regimen.
Specialized Commercial Pest Control
read moreWhen it comes to pest management, ticks, mosquitoes, bedbugs, and flies offer unique challenges in business environments that require special considerations. Our experienced Service Professionals are familiar with these pest infestations and provide effective, long-term solutions by utilizing the most innovative products, advanced exclusion techniques, and sound best-practices for specialized commercial pest control in ME, MA, NH, and CT. Select a service to learn more.
Bird Control Services
read moreConsidered by most people to be one of nature's most beautiful creatures, birds can also pose big problems for both home and business owners, given their high numbers and easy access to our habitat. Birds such as pigeons, European starlings, American crows and house sparrows are commonly cited as nuisance pests. These hearty species of birds have become well adapted to urban communities and are thriving in the rafters of our roofs and the air ducts of our businesses, causing many issues with noise disruption, unsightly droppings, troublesome nests, and the spread of disease.
Wildlife Control in ME
read moreWhether you're dealing with an invasion of raccoons, squirrels, bats or birds, these critters can ruin your property and some can spread serious diseases. Wildlife control services from Modern Pest focus on the humane management of nuisance wildlife. If not handled properly, wildlife issues can escalate quickly and become very difficult and costly to manage. Modern Pest Services' Wildlife Service Professionals provide wildlife removal services and solutions for homeowners and businesses that will help them minimize property damage and health risks.
Commercial Pest Control in ME
read morePreventing and eliminating threatening pests in commercial facilities are tasks Modern Pest Services is particularly well-suited to handle - regardless of the size of the facility and type of industry. Whether it's a chain fast-food restaurant, a daycare facility, or a large-scale commercial bakery, Modern's ecocare commercial pest management programs are market-specific and offer customized, innovative service solutions designed specifically for your business. Based on the most advanced technologies and latest Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles, Modern's ecocare pest control programs are designed to deliver maximum impact to the target pest with little or no threat or disruption to employees, staff, or customers.
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