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When you decide to buy a home or refinance a mortgage, it's a huge step. You can rely on us to find the loan program that is finest for you. Buying a new home is a source of anxiety, frustration - and a large sense of accomplishment. You didn't pick the house that was finest for someone else, you picked the one that is right for you! Trust our specialists to find the mortgage loan that finest fits your requirements, too. Less paperwork and more individual attention means you enter a frustration-free zone from application to decision. Getting the best mortgage loan is like getting the keys to your new house!

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Selecting a Refinancing Program
read moreSome have said that only if your new interest is at least one percent lower, should you refinance your mortgage. That could have been accurate years ago, but since refinancing has been costing less in recent years, it is no longer a reliable indicator. When you refinance, you might have the ability to lower your interest rate and monthly payment amount, perhaps significantly. You may have mortgage insurance that could be removed with a refinance. Moving to a shorter amortization period could be very beneficial.
Adjustable & Fixed Mortgages for
read moreWith a fixed-rate loan, your payment never changes for the life of your loan. The longer you pay, the more of your payment goes toward principal. The property tax and homeowners insurance which are almost always part of the payment will increase over time, but for the most part, payment amounts on these types of loans don't increase much. During the early amortization period of a fixed-rate loan, most of your payment pays interest, and a significantly smaller percentage toward principal. As you pay on the loan, more of your payment goes toward principal.
Which Refinancing Program is Right
read moreThere aren't as many refinance loan options as there are borrowers, but sometimes it seems like it! We can guide you to choose the refinance loan program that will fit your needs the best. Call us at (303) 443-5566 to begin the process. What are your reasons for your refinance loan? Keeping in mind the following will help you narrow your choices. Are getting reduced mortgage payments and a better rate your main reasons for refinancing? In that case, a low, fixed rate loan may be the best option for you.
The Mortgage Loan Process
read moreMake no mistake, there's a lot involved in order to get a mortgage loan. You wouldn't be visiting our website if it were possible to complete a simple mortgage application and get a great loan funded in one day. We do the heavy lifting for you, so you can concentrate on what's important - preparing to move into your new home or saving money. This is a function of a couple things. How much of a monthly payment can you afford? What is the maximum you can borrow from a lender, given your income and credit history?
CO mortgages
read more1. Subscribe to a reputable company that not only monitors your credit on an ongoing, 24 hour, 7 day/week basis, but also provides RESTORATION when you are a victim. 2. Cross cut shred all junk mail/documents with personal information on them before throwing them away. 3. Mail all outgoing mail from a secure location such as an official United States Post Office box. Keep your blank checks in a secure location. When ordering new checks, have them mailed to your bank (not your home). Use your first and middle initials with your last name and your cellphone number vs. your home phone.
CO mortgages
read moreJim Dorney can take you from finding the right lot to build on, to groundbreaking and finally the housewarming party. Building your own home is something we all dream about and when the time comes in your life to make it reality, it begins to sink in, that there is a lot to know before you start. Jim Dorney is here for you. Jim Dorney has gone to the trouble of printing our own 30 page booklet, "Things You Should Know About Building Your Own Home". This booklet covers where to build, the architects role, hiring the general contractor, permitting, financing and much, much more.
Closing Costs are an important
read moreIn a purchase deal Sellers and buyers negotiate to determine who will pay different portions of these closing costs. As you'll see below, many of the buyer's closing costs are related to the costs of getting the mortgage loan. Since Jim Dorney is highly experienced with mortgages & closings, we are closing cost experts. Soon after you apply for a loan, we'll provide you with a Loan Estimate which will recap the entire loan from costs, cash we estimate you will need to close, rates, monthly payment and more.
CO mortgages
read moreClearly, the market for financing commercial real estate is complex. Jim Dorney, will lead you through all stages of the transaction, from planning through execution, and provide experienced, innovative and professional consultation. Jim Dorney, has the experience and expertise necessary to meet these demanding requirements, and will ensure a timely and efficient closing process. We have commercial lending experience and relationships with many leading lenders and investors with expertise in unique loan programs for savvy investors or challenging credit situations.
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