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Whatever your requirements are today contact Moy Construction and Remodeling in El Paso, TX for a free quote for all of your remodeling and roofing requirements. We can offer you a free quote for roofing in El Paso, Tx, bathroom remodeling in El Paso TX, kitchen remodeling and new construction. Our roofing, remodeling and construction staff are all highly experienced and professional.

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Moy Construction Roofing And Remodeling
read moreThe bottom line is that we are not satisfied until you are, which is why we treat your home as our own. Our customers' satisfaction and peace of mind is our highest priority. We are experts at restoring roof flashing, shingles, siding, gutters, and all other exterior elements. We are here to help with the needs of homeowners all over the El Paso Texas and its surroundings. You can feel secure in your decision of choosing the right company by our expansive list of happy customers based on referrals!
About Us
read moreMoy Construction and Remodeling is family owned and operated in El Paso, Texas by Moises Chavez & Moises Chavez Jr. Moy Construction and Remodeling will not compromise its work quality for a quick dollar. We do the job right the first time where others fail to deliver. Moy Construction and Remodeling is member of the Better Business Bureau and is Bonded and Insured so you can feel safe knowing you;ll be working with one of El Paso's top companies.
Roofing Company El Paso TX
read moreMoy Construction and Remodeling is the clear choice in El Paso, Texas. From our experience we believe that the finest roofing systems consist of superlative materials and the highest quality installation techniques. At Moy Construction, manufacturers' recommendations are firmly adhered to with attention to detail and the distinctiveness of your roof. We advocate only the finest roofing materials and systems that have a proven track record of stability and quality. Documented cases where roofing contractors take advantage of consumers are not uncommon.
Kitchen Remodel El Paso
read moreCreating the kitchen the way you want pays dividends in daily luxury and relaxation while adding an attractive feature at your home. Our services include but are not limited to: small kitchen renovation, plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucet, kitchen cabinet installation, backsplash tiles installation, marble & granite countertops, countertops installation, base cabinet and wall cabinet installation, kitchen tile installation, all electrical works such as switches, lights, dedicated lights, exhaust fans, etc.
Construction El Paso
read moreWe offer a complete one stop construction service for your home addition or new custom home, from planning and design to fulfilling your dream. Your project will be completed on time, budget and to your full satisfaction. Need more living space? Want to stay in your home but make it more spacious? Expanding your family? A room addition to your existing house will provide the solution, plus it will increase your home resale value. Don't know where to start? We will guide you through the process, from setting a budget and choosing the right home plans for you to making your dream home a reality.
Cabinets El Paso TX
read moreStock: created by manufacturers in standard dimensions, finishes, and mass quantities. Will be the most economical option, but probably not fit to the exact size of your kitchen - which will make space be wasted due to fillers. Will usually be available within a week. Semi-custom: allows a bit more flexibility then stock cabinets, more choices in cabinet's dimensions, depth, colors, and finishes. Will usually be available within a month and will cost more than stock cabinets. Custom: allow almost unlimited flexibility regarding, size, depth, color, style, finishes, anything can be done to suit your specific needs.
Painter El Paso TX
read moreWant to revive your home? Add colors and style to boring walls? An interior painting project can be one of the least expensive home improvement projects, yet one of the most significant. Pick wall colors that compliment your furniture, floors and personal taste. We offer a complete one stop construction service for your interior painting project. From choosing colors and finish style to having a complete new beautiful interior to your home. Your project will be completed on time, budget and to your full satisfaction.
Vinyl Siding El Paso
read moreVinyl is very common and low maintenance, the color is molded throughout the material, so unlike aluminum, a scratch will not reveal a different color underlying layer. It will not dent and will bounce back to place after most blows. It is usually 0.044 inch thick and extremely strong and durable. Vinyl is inclined to ripple and buckle if not installed properly. Caulk must to be applied around doors, windows and corners. Make sure your contractor uses aluminum nails (won't rust) to fasten the siding materials to exterior walls.
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