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Language School in Naperville, IL French language school focusing on individual lessons for children, students and adults that want to learn French. I offer unique, proven and customized curriculums that have delivered results for children, students, adults, and families alike.

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362 Meadow Green Drive
Naperville, IL
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read moreIve been taking lessons from Anne for over a year. She makes each concept easy to grasp and every lesson is worthwhile.
The Sattler Family
read moreOur son, Max, is 9 years old and has a Grandmother who is French. Language and cultural exposure is very important to our family. Max loves working with Anne as she customizes the lesson plans to engage him. How do you say dinosaur in French, Max would trump his parents with the answer!

Anne makes the learning experience fun for him and Max enjoys taking the class. When I asked him what he likes about it, he simply stated Shes good, shes really good.
Vickie Rinn
read moreLearning French from Anne has greatly helped my career. My company was purchased by a French company and my new boss and colleagues were French. Very quickly I was able to converse and write email in French. Anne focusses her lessons on what is relevant to your needs and learning style. She is a great teacher and I recommend her highly to anyone adult or child who wants to learn Fench.


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read moreBonjour, je m'appelle Anne Cottez-Jones. I was born and raised in France, spending my childhood in Reims (Champagne region) and part of my adulthood in Paris. I then went back home and worked in Public Relations requiring to be bilingual and an interpreter (French/English). I also worked in Paris in Public Relations/Advertising representing our Company in English spoken countries, translating marketing material and legal documents, etc. I moved to the U.S when i was 25 and I have since raised a family.
French Lesson Curriculum
read moreIn building my curriculum, I have developed a unique and proven formula that incorporates these principals. In the end, a fast, easy, fun and effective way to study and learn French - in full immersion, regardless of your level of proficiency or your particular motivation. Also, I have always worked with the schools Textbooks(high school, college) such as "Bon Voyage" from Glencoe Mc Graw Hill or "Discovering French 1,2,3" from Valette-Mc Dougal Littell, respecting and reinforcing their curriculum for those in need of tutoring.
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