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Massage Therapist in Denton, TX I was at the end of my rope when it came to getting relief from physical trauma. Back in 1991, I had a car accident where I tried to miss a guy that pulled out in front of me. I hit a light pole head on and cracked a vertebra and had a closed head injury. I spent the next few years trying to get well. Nobody could get to the source of my headaches. They just wanted to medicate me and get onto the next patient. After I discovered the medical community did all it could do and I still had headaches, neck and back pain, poor memory and could not concentrate.

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Natural Balance
read moreDo you want to feel like you are in the hands of a compassionate seasoned bodyworker sensitive your needs for feeling safe and secure? Do you want be in a warm and inviting environment where your well-being is enhanced? Maybe others have been unable to provide what your particular needs are? You want to experience freedom and ease in your body you haven't felt for a long time. I have been in the healing and bodywork profession since 1982. From the YMCA to the Denton Square, I've practiced massage in a variety of settings.
Massage and Wellness Center
read moreBody mechanics and movement patterns are explored to help you better understand, cope with and even eliminate the root of painful conditions. At the beginning of each session we will discuss any health related concerns such as current injuries, illness, and medications. We will talk about your goals for the session and any questions that you have will be answered to the best of my ability. By the end of the session you should feel lighter, with more freedom, better range of motion, and - of course - a drastic reduction in pain!
Massage and Wellness Center
read moreThis smoothly flowing full body massage will have you floating home like a jellyfish. The relaxation massage combines a Swedish style with the some of the same techniques as the deep tissue massage. If stress is an issue in your life, relaxing massage takes you from the "fight or flight" mode to peaceful place where you feel rejuvenated. The nervous system has two parts. The parasympathetic and the sympathetic. Many illnesses start from the sympathetic (fight or flight) stimulation. Massage helps to relieve this in one session.
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