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Gardening & Landscaping in Lake Oswego, OR We are a full service landscaping company. We provide a wide range of landscaping, hardscaping, sprinkler systems, and yard maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties throughout the greater Portland, Oregon region. Whether you are starting from scratch and building a whole new landscape setting or you are updating your existing landscaping; we are the company for you! Our expertise is only limited by your imagination.

We providea variety of services, from residential lawn maintenance to commercial installation. Mr. Cuong founded it more than 20 years ago, and over the years, he has worked hard to prove quality landscape services in the greater Portland Metropolitan Area. We are continually educated on new technology, tools and advances in the landscape/hardscape industry. We know that every yard is different and always do everything to the best of our ability to provide a special sense of personal care and attention at a reasonable cost while working with you to stick with your budget.
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  • Portland metropolitan area
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  • Serving residential and commercial clients
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  • Year established: 1990
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  • Oregon LCB#7031
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read moreLandscaping makes a huge impact on the overall perception of your property. If you have dull lifeless landscaping your property can tend to give off that impression overall. Let us enhance and transform your current landscapes by creating real curb appeal. Natural Landscape & Irrigation will boost the presentation of your home or commercial site and take it to the next level.
read moreHardscape construction not only will drastically improve the aesthetic appeal of any home but will likely increase the value of your home as well. With decades of experience working with stone and concrete, we will be able to work with you to build your outdoor paradise while keeping to your budget.
Sprinkler Systems
read moreThe installation of an irrigation system has become a popular option for many residential and commercial landscapes. Natural Landscape & Irrigation has been providing irrigation systems for our clients throughout the greater Portland, Oregon region for many years and with a great success rate. When it comes to the maintenance and preservation of beautiful green healthy lawns the key element is water. You need the right amount of water to ensure your lawns and plants thrive to the best of their ability.

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About Us
read moreHere at Natural Landscape and Irrigation, we know full well how competitive the landscaping industry is. Oftentimes potential clients would ask us "Out of all the companies out there, why should I choose you?" Unlike many other landscaping companies that ask for a down payment/deposit, we pride ourselves in never asking for any payment until the job is fully complete and the customer is 100% satisfied. Other companies feel confident in a contract by requiring a pre-payment for larger projects in order to partially cover materials and labor.
read moreWe speciailize in hardscapes and have constructed many concrete, paver, and stone driveways, patios, and walkways over the years. We have much experience in their design and construction and always take the time to install a long lasting significant addition to your home and landscape. Pavers are preformed concrete tiles that will offer much beauty and strength to any flat surface. It is very important that they are installed properly, with the base settled carefully in a manner that will prevent settling in the future.
Bark Dust Installation
read moreBark dust is a great way to make your landscape more aesthetically appealing, and not only that, it acts as a great natural weed barrier. In addition, it will act as insulation that will retain moisture in your plants' roots in the summer and protect roots from freezing in the winter. In areas of heavy rain, it will prevent mud from forming, increasing the utility and beauty of your landscape. We generally will install 2-3 inches of bark dust that will last you 2-3 years (this will depend on how much traffic the area sees).
Garden Steps Landscape Installation
read moreOutdoor stairways typically come in a few different varieties: Pressure treated timbers make good garden stairways that are relatively cheap and easy to install. However, over many years, the wood is still susceptible to decay. Because of this, brick, concrete stone, and natural rock steps can provide a lifetime-lasting alternative, despite the higher materials cost. Like steps around a deck or house, garden steps should be consistent in riser height and tread depth. Where the terrain slopes gradually, you may want each step separated by several feet of walkway.
Landscape Grading & Excavation
read moreOftentimes, a landscape calls for the movements of large amounts of soil. Whether this is needed to solve a drainage problem or simply to provide a sense of excitement and aesthetic appeal, we have the experience and necessary equipment to help. Site grading invovles reshaping and recontouring the earth, which is a facy way of saying "moving a lot of dirt around." Try to work with the existing contours whenever possible to minimize time and expenses. The grading operation consists of two basic operations: cutting and filling.
Landscape Lighting
read moreA beautiful landscape is not meant to only be seen in the morning; in fact, it is oftentimes much prettier and pleasing to see it illuminated in the dark. Our outdoor lighting systems comes in a variety of sizes and styles and we can ensure that there is something for every home, from the front yard and porch all the way to the back deck and garden. We use state of the art LED lighting (low voltage lighting that expends much less energy than halogen lighting) to brighten not only your landscape, but also special features of your home and architecture, including statues, sculptures, decks, gazebos, pergolas, and more.
Sod vs
read moreWhether you want to replace an existing lawn or start a new lawn installation from scratch, we are here to help. First you have to decide whether you would like a new sod or seed lawn, and we can help you understand the pros and cons of each. Before installing a new lawn, the soil needs to be prepared (after the old lawn has been removed, if necessary) with rototilling and leveling. Then the soil needs to be amended with a special soil blend that will help with drainage and add the right nutrition to your soil, only then it will be ready for the new sod or seeds.
Maintenance Services
read moreWhile all of us long for a beautiful, serene spot to relax and enjoy life, not everyone has the time, knowledge and will to invest in maintaining a splendid garden. We offer a sustainable landscape management program designed to serve all your landscape concerns. Always trying our best to stay true to the name "natural" landscaping, we try to stay away from harmful chemicals whenever possible. No job is too big. Important note: As of recent years, we have shifted our company to focus primarily landscape installation, construction, and seasonal cleanup/pruning jobs.
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