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Carpets & Rugs in Las Vegas, NV NaturalDry services Carpet, Upholstery, Area Rugs (Synthetic, Poly, Wool and Silk Rugs) and Tile/Grout Cleaning. The process and cleaning products we use are of the highest quality. All are environmental friendly and safe for people and pets. The best part is little or NO drying time!
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Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas
read moreOur carpet deep cleaning process uses the Dry Extraction Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Method. Eco-Friendly Encapsulation Cleaning products encapsulate and remove dirt, soils, stains & more using 85% less water than traditional cleaning. No soaking wet carpet, loud trucks outfront of your home, or harmful residues left behind with our cleanings!
Upholstery Cleaning Las Vegas
read moreMaintain a fresh, clean look for your homes upholstered furniture!
Fiber Rinse & Protect is a cleaning product that breaks down dirt and soils allowing for easier extraction with hot water. This fast drying deep cleaning method leaves upholstered furniture clean without the inconvenience of getting it soaked. No sticky residue and is safe with all types of fabrics. All our products are safe for children and pets. We also clean and sanitize Leather Furniture!
Tile & Grout
read moreDirt builds up over time dulling the appearance of your tile. Constant foot traffic and dust will wear down the seal and coating. NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning uses deep extraction tile and grout cleaning machines to extract all dirt and soils from your floors. After cleaning, a protectant sealer and polish is applied to keep your floors shining year round.

Soil builds up and is absorbed into the grout and forms a layer on tile making it look dingy. Our cleaning treatment first applies a unique pre-treatment to both the tile and grout to loosen dirt, grease, staining etc. Our professionals manually scrub the grout to break down and remove residue.


Catrina Mora
read moreI just had my carpets and tile cleaned and they look amazing! I was blown away! Very reasonable pricing and they were able to make all pet stains disappear. The transformation while cleaning the tile was incredible. Best carpet cleaning company I have ever hired. Highly recommended to anyone in need!
Juan Bonnett
read moreNaturalDry Team did an excellent job on our office cleaning and sanitizing of the carpet. We are re opening after 2 months of being closed and so happy to have our employees come back into a fresh smelling, clean and safe work environment. Thank you for your attention to detail and getting us in so quickly. Highly recommend. A+++
Matthew Kappe
read moreThese guys are awesome! If you want the best carpet cleaners in Vegas, this is the company you want! They take the time to do a great job, and the carpets are gorgeous every time! NaturalDry is my go to company for carpet cleaning. I'm never disappointed and very happy with the service, and they are not expensive at all, great value, and very professional, as well as on time every time! Give them a call, you will be very glad you did!!
Larry Woodard
read moreAmazed at how well these guys got out the pet stains in our spare bedroom!! My wife tried cleaning multiple times and we thought the carpet was trashed since we couldnt ever get them up. NaturalDry team explained the process, took a black light and found stains we didnt even know were there. You guys rock! Our new carpet cleaning service for sure! Thank you!
Kimberly Roberts
read moreI feel like I live in a new house! Michael and Ben cleaned our 2-story home like pros! He was accommodating, did a thorough walk through with me first, ensured I understood everything, and left our carpets looking new! I was especially impressed with our one particularly filthy room! Wondering why I waited so long to contact these guys! Thank you for the great service!
Stephanie V.
read moreThis company is simply AMAZING. They have cleaned our carpets in our office for the last 3 years. I even had them come to my home, they did a fantastic job. I highly highly recommend this company to anyone. They are always on time and will call you to let you know that they are on their way. Our office carpets always smells and looks so clean when they are done. They are the only company that I will use for Nevada PEP and for my home.
Thank you Will and your entire team.
Walter Roger
read moreprofessional, Efficient. Had a last minute emergency to get an office clean before new tenant needed to move in. NaturalDry was able to handle it same day for me and at night time. Really good service and will be using you for our other properties.
Michael King
read moreBest carpet cleaning experience we've had. With 2 dogs, cat and 3 kids, we were long overdue for cleaning. Ben & Michael did a fantastic job. Recommending to everyone I know!
Holley Lenhoff
read moreReferred to NaturalDry by a friend and glad I called them! We had another company clean our carpets and they were wet for 3 days. The 1 hour dry time is what really intrigued me with NaturalDry. Carpet really was dry in an hour!! I've never had such a good carpet cleaning ever. I will be a life time customer. Thank you for the great service you and your staff provided.
Samantha Rose
read moreWe had our carpets done about 4 months ago by NaturalDry. I vacuum about every week and a half and have to say.. my carpet looks like it was just cleaned every time I do. Im so happy with this service! No stains re appeared, I think this is the longest period of time our carpet has looked this good after cleaning. Never using anyone else. Thank you for the great job!
Robby Halsey
read moreHad NaturalDry out today to clean a few of our area rugs and couch. We live in Panorama Tower so it was difficult finding a cleaning service that could do our unit. The technicians with naturaldry did a fantastic job. Everything smells so fresh. I will be passing your information onto others in the building. Thank you for the great service!
Jazlynn Nalani Calvert
Mar 26, 2020
Absolutely amazing service!
Was very impressed by how clean, fresh, and brand new my carpets look now ! Stains that I had been trying to get out repeatedly for a period of time are now gone! I will definitely be Contacting Will again when I need my carpets refreshed and I will be recommending naturaldry to friends and family! Thank you so much again Will for your service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Value for Money
Service & Support
Amanda McJilton
May 24, 2019
Amazing service!
I had my carpets cleaned about a month ago. This company is absolutely amazing, from the beginning of getting your quote, to them arriving to your home promptly, to them explaining what type of cleaning solutions they are using and the purpose of them, the 2 gentleman that clean my carpets were absolutely professional and courteous! I will only use this service going forward. Also they didn’t try to up sale me, which I loved. They were straight to the point when it came to how much the service cost.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Travis Plank
Feb 21, 2019
Thank you NaturalDry!
If you have read any of the recommendations or had this service at your place, then you already know the high level of service, customer support, and products that NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning provides. However, I have had exceptional service from this company, so I don't mind telling you (yet again): hire these guys.
I had the worst stains on my carpet from multiple college parties along with damage from pets. I considered starting from scratch and completely replacing my carpet. I am so glad I didn't replace. Ben and Will greeted me with a friendliness that made me feel like part of the family. Within hours, they were done with my place, and the results were phenomenal! Not only was my carpet clean and looking brand new, it cost me way less time and money than replacing the carpet would have been.
I do not have the words to thank these guys. I highly recommend this company, and if you are looking for the right cleaners, look no further.
Value for Money
Service & Support


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NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning
read moreWe are proud to be the preferred Eco-Friendly DRY Carpet, Upholstery, Rug and Tile Cleaning Service in Las Vegas & Henderson. Our Low Moisture Deep Cleaning Process keeps carpet cleaner, fresher, longer. Carpet dry in 1 hour! The Low Moisture Deep Extraction Method we use is above all traditional carpet cleaning methods. Our process dissolves and removes dirt, spots, spills, and grease. Reduces allergens, dust mites, mold spores commonly found in carpet fibers. NaturalDry's Carpet Cleaning Process allows your carpets to be dry and back in service within 1 hour.
Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Las
read moreWe specialize in Commercial Carpet Cleaning. Our technicians are specially trained to work quietly and efficiently and to minimize disruptions. We always arrive on-time and in uniform so customers and staff know who we are and why we're there. We clean with Green Seal Certified and Biodegradable Products. Carpet dry in 1 hour or less! Carpet plays an important and healthful role in filtering the air indoors. It traps and holds soil, dust and allergens. The vertical pile of carpet traps and holds many times its weight in small particles, including dust and allergens that enter the indoor environment and descend onto it from above.
Tile Cleaning Las Vegas
read moreCall us today for your Free Quote: 702-750-7093. We also offer discounts when bundling Tile and Grout Cleaning Services with Carpet, Upholstery & Rug Cleaning. Our friendly and professional technicians will walk you through our cleaning processes and have your Tile and Grout clean and fresh! Tile floor cleaning can be a large job for any property owner. Over time, sealers can wear down causing stains and dirt to adhere to the tile and settle into the grout. NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning can provide deep cleaning to protect and restore your Tile & Grout Las Vegas and Henderson!
Rug Cleaning in Las Vegas
read moreLet us use our knowledge and technology to thoroughly clean and dry your specialty rugs! Using the low moisture cleaning products and Natural, Biodegradable Absorbent Compound Product, rugs will be brighter and newer than before cleaning. Natural Dry Absorbent Compound contains a balanced blend of water, detergents, wetting agents and natural ingredients. As the low moisture Absorbent Cleaner is brushed through the rug, the absorbent particles deep clean by dissolving, trapping and removing spots, spills, and greasy, oily dirt.
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