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Locksmith in San Antonio, TX Since the community of Fair Oaks Ranch brings the best in everybody, we at New Wave Locksmith gives the favor in return. With this in mind, we promise to give quality services to the people of Fair Oaks Ranch through our expertise and our service highlights:

Our expertise. We are experts in different areas in the locksmith industry. First, with residential locks, we always make sure that the peoples homes are always secured through well-maintained door, window, and garage door locks. Secondly, with commercial locks, we make sure that the locks of the businesses within Fair Oaks Ranch are kept well and work perfectly. Lastly, with automotive locks, we assure you that through our services, your cars locks will never be a problem again.

Our service highlights. Our services are truly the best in class. In addition, we have great things to be proud of as we provide exceptional locksmith services to our clients. First, our hotline number is easy to reach. Just give us a call and one of our front office personnel will be more than happier to assist you with your needs and get the details of your concern. Through that, our people can already start with giving you our great services. Secondly, our locksmith Fair Oaks Ranch service is open 24/7. So, in times of emergencies with your locks, we got your back.
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read moreBrought by a solid solidarity of the community, Fair Oaks Ranch is a peaceful place to live in. We want to help on retaining this image of Fair Oaks Ranch. Thus, we give exceptional locksmith services Fair Oaks Ranch that could really help the people with their problems with locks and keys. One of these services is in the area of fixing residential locks. Because we want to be a part of continuing the good image of Fair Oaks Ranch, we are doing great efforts to secure the most important units of the society, the families. The safety of each family starts on how secured it feels to be in their home, especially at night when they are going to bed and no one to watch over their home to keep unwanted visitors from coming in.

One way to do this is to have good, reliable locks. On the other hand, since these things can still be broken later on just like other material things, having someone to fix them would be a great thing. So, we at New Wave Locksmith make sure that these kinds of locks are well-kept and are working perfectly. Our Residential locks services varies from the usual door knob lock, to window locks, garage door locks, and to combination door locks, so whatever your problem with your home lock may be, we are confident that our expertise will always have an answer.
read moreEvery business establishment is very important as it provides means of living to its owner and staff, and it contributes to the overall progress of the whole community. Thus, its security is really vital as well just like your homes. Our company also plays a crucial part in making sure that business establishments are safe from intruders like burglars, which are a big no to any businesses. We do this prevention by fixing broken locks or maintaining their perfect working condition with our firm principles in making a great locksmith service Fair Oaks Ranch TX.

Because we have amassed a vast knowledge on locks and keys, doing these things is not a problem for us even commercial locks are sometimes the most complicated ones as they secure very important things. We could be fixing from the usual office padlocks to reprogramming biometric scanner locks. If keys are the ones causing you problems, we could duplicate them for you, replace lost ones, or even rekey the lock itself so you will have new set of locks to take care of. We already have various customers in the past that asked us to help them with their problems with their business establishments locks. We are proud to say that everything that we did for them was 100 percent successful, which gave them the peace of mind and more time to develop their businesses.
read moreWe know the importance of your car. Whether it is for business or personal use, the moment you decided to buy it was brought by reasonable points. Thus, its locks or its whole security system should be well maintained at all times to push away your doubts that something bad may happen to it. However, maintaining these security features may become a burden to you as this requires a lot of time, efforts, and money. We would like to help you lessen this burden. So, our locksmith service Fair Oaks Ranch has something to offer you. One of the specializations of New Wave Locksmith is with automotive locks.

We have spent many years to master different kinds of automotive locks. This has brought us increasing number of customers every month, making us the crop of this industry once again. We cater every car brand and model that is available in the market today or even models that were introduced many years ago. For example, if you happen to always forget your key inside your car, we can make a car key duplicate for you. If you dont want a duplicate, you can always call us to ask us open your car without damaging anything in it. With our expertise with automotive locks, we promise that even from the moment you chose us, you will already see that the amount of money you will pay us will be worth it.


Thomas Davis
read moreMy mother bought an old rundown house in the country as she wanted to be independent from us. She liked the small garden around the house. We were apprehensive about her safety, though she was a feisty old lady. We called this locksmith company to replace the old door locks of the house and to give us our set of spare keys so that we could check on her any time we wanted to. The technicians discovered that the locks of the house were worn-out and that they needed replacement. My mother did not trust strangers and did not want to let the technicians into her house. However, the friendly and courteous technicians satisfied her I.D. requirements and they were able to please the old lady and establish rapport with her.
Erica Cha
read moreI own a small store for school supplies and I hired a new assistant who quit the job on his third day. Unluckily, I gave him the key to the store, and he did not return it as he just stopped reporting for work. I needed to replace the door lock before I closed shop that day. I decided to call this company even if I was fearful of locksmiths who might make a duplicate key for their own use. In a matter of thirty minutes, the technicians arrived. I asked for identification papers and the proper credentials, which they were able to produce. I was relieved of my worries as I saw that they worked fast and the price for the service was affordable enough.
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