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Established in 1985, New York Lock & Key is a family-owned-and-operated business which has been delivering innovative security solutions for homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, hotels, condominiums, and a host of other commercial buildings. Today after many years of delivering New York City homes and businesses with outstanding service, New York Lock & Key serves all the 5 boroughs of New York City and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 356 days a year. New York Lock & Key is at the forefront of delivering security solutions with a huge array of products, styles, and finishes. New York Lock & Key has what you need no matter how demanding your project's specifications may be. We stand behind every lock we install with several of the finest after-sales service in the business.

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370 Northfield Road
New York, NY
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read moreYour favorite local locksmith is now more affordable than ever. We offer a wide array of discount coupons to suit your varied needs so that the next you choose our services, you can save considerably on your bill amount!
Residential Professional Locksmith
read moreHome is the one place you consider your haven, your safe place, but how safe is it really? Every day, newspapers carry reports of homes being burglarized and sometimes, of cases where the inhabitants where physically harmed. Homes are soft targets, what with their security being lax as opposed to that observed in commercial establishments. Just because your age-old lock has been protecting your property for years, it doesn't mean it will continue to do so. It is high time residents take the initiative and invest in adequate security measures that will protect their home, their assets and most of all, their family.
Automotive Car Lock Smith New York
read moreA vehicle offers class, style and most importantly, utility. If you're a car owner, and use your car frequently, you'd know just how important these wheeled wonders are. They bridge distances, make transit easy and are an inseparable part of our lives. However, they also demand frequent visits to the mechanic and other maintenance workshops to keep them in pristine condition. Can you imagine being caught in a situation where your car lock is jammed and you're unable to gain access? Perhaps, you skipped out on a maintenance check or perhaps it could be due to unforeseeable circumstances.
Commercial Emergency Unlock New
read moreEvery commercial setup has one common component in huge numbers - and that is, a lock and key system. From securing the front doors, windows to the storerooms, safes, cabinets, their prevalence is everywhere, and it's not without reason. Owing to the vast magnitude of sensitive information and valuable assets they hold, lock and key systems form an inseparable, a vital part of a commercial property's security infrastructure. As such, you need competent business locksmiths to install/upgrade/repair/maintain them.
Emergency Lock Opening New York
read moreHow often have you found yourself face-to-face with a glaring emergency that threatens to throw your schedule out of balance? Lost keys, malfunctioning locks, unanticipated lockouts, or ignition-related problems can cause unexpected trouble. When such situations strike during an odd-hour or in unknown territory, you cannot afford any delay in help. With every passing moment, the frustration and stress you're in would only mount. You can't just hire any locksmith for help during such times; what you need is a locksmith that can effectively deal with your emergency.
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