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Plumber in Vista, CA Frequently used drain lines are subject to repeated stoppages. Hydro-jetting is a great way to save time, money, and frustration. We can safely clean your drains with high velocity water jets that our skilled technicians use to scour the walls of your drain pipes to clear them of sludge, tree roots or other solid obstructions. It is environmentally safe, economical and solves the problem fast. Schedule an appointment and say goodbye to those drain line problems!

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North County Plumbing
read moreNorth County Plumbing has been serving San Diego since 1970. We have a fleet of fully equipped service trucks ready to respond to your emergency - We offer 100% free estimates, call or email us today! Of course, our Oceanside technicians provide a thorough drain cleaning for those difficult clogged pipes and mainlines, but we also offer superior Leak Detection and repair services. It's now easier than ever to have a North County Plumber fix your plumbing issues; we offer emergency plumbing repair services with no rush charges, always!
About Us
read moreNorth County Plumbing in Vista, CA has been in the service business since 1970. We now have a fleet of fully equipped service trucks ready to respond to your call with absolutely no rush charges. Honest, Dependable, Guaranteed Service. We are a full service company providing homes and businesses like yours with peace of mind for over 20 years in North San Diego County. As a reputable company we are fully insured (general liability, workers' compensation, and auto) and licensed for your protection.
Air Conditioning Services & Installation
read moreNorth County Plumbing is a local company that can accommodate your air conditioning needs. Whether you need regular maintenance or you are interested in installing or updating your home with a new cooling system, our technicians can help. We have built a reputation on integrity and high-quality service and we back that up with a 100% service guarantee. We are committed to the highest level of quality service, and extend our offer of 100% FREE estimates to your air conditioning needs. With workers in our office ready to take your call and dispatch a technician any time of the day, we're here to help.
Water Heater Installation & Repair
read moreYour water heater is a pretty amazing household appliance! It automatically heats incoming water for your immediate use, but when your water heater is not functioning properly it can be an inconvenience to you and your family or tenants. Circulator pumps are commonly used to circulate household water supplies so that sinks and faucets provide hot water instantly. These pumps also ensure that no water is wasted, and are highly recommended over traditional 1-way hot water systems. Our certified contractors can install the Grundfos Comfort System in your home or property.
North County Plumbing Services
read moreHere at North County Plumbing, we do not believe in charging our customers to come and take a look, therefore we do not have a Diagnosis Fee, Trip Charge or any other silly fees! Our plumbing experts provide top-quality plumbing for both residential and commercial clients. We also offer new homeowners overall inspections to their plumbing systems. Check out some of our Plumbing Coupons to save money on your next service! Contact us today!
Plumbing Installation and Repair
read moreAt North County Plumbing our highly trained experts are skilled at the repair and installation of all your plumbing needs, from commercial to residential. We repair and install various piping systems, plumbing fixtures such as sinks and faucets to larger equipment such as water heaters and backflow preventers. Whether the pipes are plastic, metal, or a combination of the two, it's the plumber's skill that determines how well the system works. There's more to proper plumbing than repairs and simply following codes and rules.
Leak Detection & Repair
read moreFor accountability and billing purposes the water line in your home is often "metered". An abnormal spike in your water bill can often be an indication of a water leak somewhere on your property. A leak in your line can be very costly so performing regular maintenance check-ups around your home as a preventative tactic is a good idea. If you suspect you have a water leak, contact us at North County Plumbing right away. We have the necessary equipment to accurately locate leaks to save water, money and ultimately avoid unnecessary property damage.
Commercial Plumbers San Diego
read moreAs a reputable company we are fully insured (general liability, workers' compensation, and auto) and licensed for your protection. Our technicians are drug tested and attend weekly safety and training sessions to continually refine their skills in order to better serve our clients. If you've been "used and abused" in the past by companies claiming they would provide you the service you deserve, feel free to schedule an appointment to meet our Operations Manager to learn how we can better serve your needs.
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