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Real Estate Appraisal in Alhambra, CA An appraisal is an objective, impartial, unbiased, reasoned opinion of value by a competent, ethical and qualified appraiser. It requires an understanding of the customer's appraisal problem, the subject objects and an analysis of equivalent objects in the relevant marketplace. A formally written appraisal report is a signed document suitable for submission to insurance firms, the courts, the Internal Revenue Service and all private customers. All appraisals should comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)

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read moreIn 1979 Novotny was working on his master thesis in Psychology at CSULA and in Gerontology at USC. He finished the course work for both programs and was working independently to develop his master's thesis for both programs. His master's thesis, after two years of development, sought to identify and analyze quality of care indicators in nursing homes. Which indicators are most important to each group with an interest in quality of care? He expected to find that quality of care means something different to the patient, the family and the health care professionals that provide the medical and custodial services which his quality of care indicators would identify and measure.
Complete Residential Contents
read moreWilliam Novotny will travel throughout Southern California to solve your personal property appraisal problem. He regularly serves clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. He provides appraisal services in surrounding counties such as Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Diego. He serves local mountain, beach and desert communities. Travel time is often under an hour and not cost prohibitive. Locating the most experienced and qualified appraiser should be your primary objective.
USPAP Appraisal Process
read moreThe elements that must be identified include intended use, intended user(s), the effective date, the type and definition of value, the relevant property characteristics and assignment conditions. Assignment conditions include assumptions, hypothetical conditions and limiting conditions. Of these six assignment elements intended use is by far the most important to discuss carefully with the client. The appraiser must identify the client and intended users and their needs based upon communications with the client.
7 Hour USPAP Webinar
read more9/14/18 I enjoyed hearing Bill's perspective from a Household Contents point of view. I also liked that he was willing to express his doubts on some of the contents, and then reason his way to the USPAP perspective. 6/23/18 Bill and Dave, you are the best team. It was great hearing you're intelligent words teaching us all the changes in USPAP, Greatly appreciated, Thanks K.A. 2/18/17 Thanks Bill, that was a great 7 hour USPAP update. I appreciated that you stayed on task, and that all the points that ACA advertised were delivered.
read moreFor most clients who require a complete household contents appraisal it is more convenient, more meaningful and less expensive to make use of a single appraiser who is capable of appraising all (or most) of the personal property rather than retaining the services of numerous specialist appraisers. The never-ending challenge for the generalist appraiser, faced with a whole-house appraisal, is to recognize whether or not he or she has adequate knowledge and experience to complete the appraisal competently for certain property types.
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